Who does ASK serve?
ASK benefits undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni almost equally. The number of beneficiaries who rely on ASK services has more than doubled over the last few years and continues to show steady growth.

If you have an interest in supporting our students and alumni and seeing them achieve their life and career dreams, join us!  We welcome alumni from all colleges and majors as well as all locations to volunteer as ASK mentors.  Even alumni outside of Chicago can help our students succeed.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are different ways ASK mentors can contribute to the success of our students and alumni:

New Volunteer Orientation
To express your interest in becoming an ASK mentor, View our overview video and hear how to sign up as a volunteer.

Volunteer Expectations
As an ASK mentor, you are expected to abide by our code of conduct:

  1. Complete and maintain a current mentor profile with ASK, updating contact information information and work history when changes occur.
  2. Act with integrity by responding to all correspondence (i.e. telephone calls, email, or letters) from staff, students or alumni in a timely manner, ideally within 5 business days.
  3. Maintain a career/academic-focused relationship with student participants, avoiding all situations that could be perceived as unprofessional or improper.
  4. Exercise patience with students or alumni at different developmental or career-related stages.
  5. Communicate honestly but respectfully with students, alumni and staff.
  6. Notify appropriate staff, students or alumni, if I am unable to maintain a commitment.
  7. Provide timely feedback to DePaul University staff about the program, participants, and my experiences.
  8. Report to the ASK Program Director any misconduct, criminal activity, or other concerns that are reported to you by a mentee or that otherwise arise during the course of your participation in the Program.
  9. Be proud of being an ASK mentor for helping others in their career development.

Managing Your Profile
Your volunteer profile is your first impression on a student or alumnus seeking your help; creating and maintaining an informative profile is crucial to your continued involvement with ASK. ASK currently houses its volunteer profiles on http://depaul.joinhandshake.com, a password-protected database.  Log in to your account periodically for updates using the username and password provided when you registered as a volunteer.  Because this program has a national scope, it requires a current email address. If your email becomes inactive or bounces back, we will inactivate you in the program.   If you experience difficulty, please contact the ASK team.

Need a Break?
To accommodate family leave, busy work seasons, or longer vacations, you can mark your profile as temporarily unavailable for mentoring by selecting 'Not Allowed' in the 'Student Contact Preference' field of your mentor profile. 

You will still receive ASK communications, but students will no longer be able to connect with you until you change this setting to 'Allowed.' You can also permanently step down as an ASK volunteer at any time by contacting us at ask@depaul.edu.​​​​​​​​​