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Specialty Fitness Classes

These fee-based classes provide individualized attention, unique challenges, and a community atmosphere. We now offer classes in the Loop as well! Check out class descriptions and registration dates below.

Register at The Ray Membership Services desk, online or through The Ray at DePaul app! For details on how to get a user name and password and download the app, go to the Registration page.

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Winter Quarter Registration
  • Member registration is open for members and non-members.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Do you have limited time to HIIT the gym but want to get in great shape? High intensity interval training is an effective full-body workout that includes strength and cardio intervals. All levels welcome, modifications provided. Classes meets in Studio D, on the third floor near the basketball courts. Sign up for one or two days/week: you must specify day and time at registration.

Winter Quarter
Session 1: January 16 - February 17
Session 2: February 20 - March 17
Once a week: $35 members; $60 non-members
Twice a week: $60 members; $80 non-members
Monday:  9 - 9:30 am (Jonathan)   12 - 12:30 pm (Laura)    6 - 6:30 pm (Rio)
Wednesday:  9 - 9:30 am (Jonathan)  12 - 12:30 pm (Laura)  6-6:30 pm (Rio)
Friday: 9 - 9:30 am (Courtney)  12 - 12:30 pm (Eli)


TRX training is a suspension training system that utilizes your body weight and gravity to develop strength, flexibility, core stability, balance and coordination. TRX is adaptable to all fitness levels and provides a unique conditioning challenge. Classes meet in Studio D, on the third floor near the basketball courts.

Winter Quarter
Tuesday, 12-12:45 pm (Laura)
Session 1: January 17-February 14
Session 2: February 21-March 14

Thursday, 12-12:45 pm (Laura)​
Session 1: January 19-February 16
Session 2: February 23-March 16

Once a week: $35 members; $60 non-members
Twice a week: $60 members; $80 non-members

Bootcamp-New Format!

This high intensity, full-body workout is designed to build a fit, lean body and decrease body fat. With circuit-style routines to help kick start your cardio fitness, to creative muscle-toning exercises, each class is designed with its own unique challenges to push your body to its’ limits! 

Session 1: January 16- February 13​​ (Caullen)

Participants specify class time (6 am or 7 am) or register for the unlimited and attend either timeslot!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 6-6:45 am
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 7-7:45 am
$65, non-members $10​5
Unlimited: members $85, non-members $125

H2O Fit (in the pool!)

Take Crossfit to the water in this low-impact, high-intensity class! Participants will run thorough cardio and resistance exercises to help build strength and endurance. This is a great program for people new to exercise or for hard-core exercisers who need to give their joints a break!​

Winter Quarter
Friday, 9-10 am
Session 1: January 20-February 17
Session 2: February 24-March 17
Members $35; non-members $60

Boxing Circuit- New!

This high-intensity boxing class will help you burn calories like never before while increasing your speed, strength, and endurance. Heavy bag, partner drills, focus mitts and mirror work will be utilized to develop skill.  Hand wraps are required and available at Equipment Issue. 

Monday, Wednesday; 7-8 pm
January 16-March 8; 16 classes
Members $150, non-members $250

Loop Fitness Studio Fitness Classes

Take some time during your lunch to move and join us in the new Fitness Studio for low impact fitness classes! With these classes, you have the ability to sign up for 2 days a week, unlimited access to all the classes or drop in as your schedule permits. 

Monday/ Wednesday
Monday: Muscle Work and Wednesday: Yoga
12 - 12:45 pm: $45
Monday: Mat Pilates and Wednesday: Yoga
1 - 1:45 pm: $45

Tuesday/ Thursday
Tuesday: Mat Pilates and Thursday: Muscle Work
12 - 12:45 pm: $45
Tuesday: Muscle Work and Thursday: Mat Pilates
1 - 1:45 pm: $45

Unlimited access to any class at either time slot: $80
Tuesday, January 17 - Thursday, February 9
4 weeks: 8 classes

Drop in: $10 per class; payment must be made online before attending the class.

Class size is limited; register early online or in person at The Ray

For additional information, contact Stephanie Punda at 773-325-4514.

Boxing Fundamentals- New!

Learn the art, principles and techniques of amateur boxing to enhance fighting skills, endurance, and control. Heavy Bag, focus mitts, and partner drills will be utilized. Experienced students are welcome. Hand wraps are required and available at Equipment Issue

Tuesday, 7:15-8:15 pm
Session 1: January 17-February 6
Session 2: February 13-March 6
Members $50, non-members $90​

FitPass- New for Winter Quarter!

​DePaul students, for only $40 purchase a FitPass that allows access to all the Fitness Training classes ​winter quarter! Purchase on The Ray App, online or at member services. Only 50 are available so get them while you can!
Pass is valid January 16 – March 10 for  all HIIT, Boot Camp, H2O Fit, and TRX classes (first come first served based on equipment availability)

Specialized Sports Training (currently basketball and soccer; contact us for other sports)

Do you want to help your young basketball or soccer player elevate their skills? Our specialized sports training provides individualized attention by an experienced coach. Players will run through drills and learn techniques to improve their play. 

Day and time negotiable. Contact Courtney Griffin​ via email or at (773) 325-4562  to set up a time. 
Price for five 60-minute sessions:
Member $180, non-member $200.

Triathlon Training

Designed for the novice racer and competitive athlete. This course involves education and implementation on racing technique, specific training regimens for all distances, and nutrition. The class is designed to further develop your training knowledge and harness your ability to be in top racing form. Basic swimming skills required. Wednesday classes will meet in the pool.

Tuesday and Wednesday; 6:15-7:15 am
January 10 – March 15; 20 classes
Member $120, non member $270​