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Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers are skilled professionals with the knowledge and resources to assist clients with various goals and interests. You can count on them to provide safe, effective and challenging workouts that incorporate goal setting and education. Request a trainer to get started on your healthiest year!

  • Jose Aguilar

    Jose Aguilar

    • Specialities: marathon training, sport-specific training, endurance coaching, post-rehabilitation
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  • Carsen Casica

    Carsen Casica

    • Specialities: strength training, weight management, group training, athletic conditioning
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  • Pat Finucane

    Pat Finucane

    • Specialities: weight management, strength training, sports conditioning, high-intensity interval training
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  • Laura Keener

    Laura Keener

    • Specialities: sport-specific training, obstable course race training, women's fitness, weight management, injury prevention
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  • Terry Laughlin

    Terry Laughlin

  • Sten Leusink

    Sten Leusink

    • Specialities: weight management, functional training, sport-specific training, high-intensity interval training
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  • Kizzie Mailander

    Kizzie Mailander

    • Specialities: active aging, medical concerns, post-rehabilitation, sport-specific training, group training
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  • Cristina Mastrangelo

    Cristina Mastrangelo

    • Specialities: sport-specific training, Olympic lifting, weight management
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  • Kelly Pease

    Kelly Pease

    • Specialities: pre/post natal, weight management, endurance coaching, strength training
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  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

    • Specialities: weight management, sport-specific training, group training
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  • Jeff Schmelz

    Jeff Schmelz

    • Specialities: weight management, post-rehabilitation
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  • Stephen Slack

    Stephen Slack

    • Specialties: Sports Performance, Nutrition, Functional Strength Training, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss
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  • Ben Yang

    Ben Yang

    • Specialities: strength training, sports conditioning, group training, Olympic lifting
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