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Babysitting Services

The babysitting service is available as a drop-in service on a first-come, first-served basis. Babysitting is available to children three months and older. Children are supervised in mixed-aged groups and may socialize with children of various ages and levels of development. Our babysitting staff maintains a 5:1 child-to-babysitter ratio when children are older than 14 months and a 4:1 ratio with children younger than 14 months. The duration of the child’s stay should be limited to a time appropriate for the individual child.


  • Children participating must be at least three months old.
  • Parents/guardians must purchase a babysitting pass at Membership Services in order to enroll children with the babysitting service.  Children from the same family may share a pass.

Babysitting Rates:

  • Campus Recreation offers two hourly babysitting passes that must be purchased in advance at the Membership Services desk. All passes expire one year after purchase:
    • 3-hour pass: $20
    • 15-hour pass: $85


  • Babysitting hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 am - 12 pm.
  • Children must be picked up before the end of babysitting hours. If a child has not been picked up the parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • When dropping off your child, sign in with the babysitter, record the date, time, name of child, age of child, and your anticipated location in the facility (i.e. cardio/weight area, studio, 3rd floor).
  • No one may pick up the child except for the person who signed in the child. When picking up the child, the parent/guardian must sign out with the babysitter.
  • Children should arrive at babysitting prepared for their visit as food is not permitted. Drinks in plastic cups labeled with the child’s name are allowed.
  • The length of a child’s stay should not require a diaper change. Parents will be contacted to change their children, if necessary.
  • If evacuation of the facility is necessary during babysitting hours, please report directly to the babysitting studio and evacuate per the babysitters direction.
  • Parents/guardians who need to bring children to the locker room are encouraged to use the family locker room. Daily locker keys for the family locker room are available at the equipment issue desk. See general policies for children using the facility below.
  • Time will be deducted from the passes in increments of 15 minutes. The time begins when the parent/guardian leaves the studio and ends when the parent/guardian picks up the child.


  • For the well being of all children using the babysitting service, sick children are not permitted to attend babysitting.
  • The parent/guardian who signed in the child must remain in the facility at all times.
  • The babysitter may have a staff member contact the parent/guardian at any time regarding the status of his or her child. For example, the parent/guardian may be contacted if the child is inconsolable, if the child is displaying inappropriate behavior, or if the child seems to be ill. 
  • Children whose behavior is unruly, negatively affects other children, or threatens the safety of the group may be asked to leave. Parents/guardians will be contacted to remove their child.  If unacceptable behavior is chronic, the child may lose eligibility to participate in the babysitting service.
  • The parent/guardian will always be contacted in an emergency situation. 
  • Babysitters are not responsible for administering medication.
  • Babysitters are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Contact Shaun Cooley at (773) 325-4552 if you have any questions or comments regarding the babysitting program. Please read the children's policies for facility access and supervision information.