DePaul's 125th Anniversary

The nation's largest Catholic university is celebrating its 125th anniversary next year, highlighting more than a century of Vincentian personalism and providing students with an educational experience that touches heart, mind, people and place.

To celebrate this milestone, be on the lookout for more information in the coming months on how you can get involved—in-person and virtual events, on social media, through contests and more!


125 Faces Program

To celebrate 125 years, DePaul will honor 125 change-makers, leaders and influencers who have made a lasting impact on the DePaul community.

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From Dr. Esteban:

At DePaul University, our Catholic, Vincentian and urban mission calls on us to be servant leaders who make the world a better place. For 125 years, we have done so by delivering an outstanding education to a diverse community of learners who graduate prepared to serve a changing world. As we envision the next 125 years, we will strive to make DePaul unequaled among urban universities, ensuring the continued success of our students. It is an honor to be part of our distinguished university’s history.

Dr. Gabriel Esteban