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Ben Wheeler

​Ben Wheeler is a seasoned Community Developer who has worked for various housing organizations
and served on different boards that collaborate with neighbors on their passions and gifts while
amplifying policy changes that create equity. He serves as the Seattle Housing Authority's Yesler Terrace
Community Builder and Interim Supervisor for the Housing Authority's Community Builders. Yesler is
one of the U.S. oldest integrated publicly funded housing neighborhoods and will be the nation's largest
mixed-income neighborhood.
Ben's role in Yesler is to listen to community members' passions and dreams to create pathways to build
community and connections. He works with community members, institutions, and community
members to amplify the voices of the neighborhood, which is rooted in the Asset-Based Community
Development approach. Ben has earned a Master of Science in Community Development from Kansas
State University. He is an active member of the housing authority's Race and Social Justice Initiative.​