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The Asset-Based Community Development Institute partners with many organizations and invites you to visit their websites. The work of each of our partners exemplifies the principles associated with asset-based community development.

Bank of IDEAS
The Bank of IDEAS (Initiatives for the Development of Enterprising Actions and Strategies) is an Australian leader in the development of healthy, inclusive, sustainable and enterprising communities.

Coady International Institute
The Coady International Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, is a leader in the study and practice of community-driven development. It's more than 4,700 graduates work around the globe to build a fair, prosperous, and secure world.

Grassroots Grantmakers
Grassroots Grantmakers is a community of practice of funders who address local priorities, value civic engagement, and build community by helping individuals come together and improve the quality of life where they live.

Greater Rochester Health Foundation
The Greater Rochester Health Foundation in Rochester, New York, offers innovative grant opportunities to regional community groups interested in implementing grassroots, asset-oriented strategies for improving community health.

Jeder Institute
Jeder Institute​ is a not-for-profit Collective of approximately 30 domestic and international members, based mainly in Australia. An innovative, international, strengths-focused organization with extensive experience in creating collective action throughout the world​.​

Nurture Development
Nurture Development was established in Ireland in 1996 to provide training, research, community building, facilitation and conflict mitigation services to the third (community and voluntary), the public, and the private sectors respectively. Nurture Development also operates in East Africa, with an office in Nairobi, Kenya.

Public Allies
Public Allies advances new leadership to strengthen communities, nonprofits, and civic participation. Public Allies identifies talented young adults from diverse backgrounds and prepares them for careers working for community and social change. ​​

Tamarack’s Learning Centre​ exists to empower community changemakers to achieve greater impact. We draw upon our 15 years of experience leading community change and advancing practice to support municipalities, funders, non-profits, and community leaders through on-demand coaching and consulting, in-person and digital training, and publications that guide change efforts.