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Vanessa Westley

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Vanessa Westley is a now retired 30-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. After a decade of street experience in Patrol and Tactical units, Officer Westley has served as project manager for the CPD’s 1st Office of Restorative Justice Strategies to further implement the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) Ms. Westley is Asset Based Community (Development)Engagement practitioner and law enforcement instructor in collaboration with DePaul University’s Steans Center Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships. Ms. Westley is a public participatory dialogue facilitator and Restorative Justice advocate and educator. Specializing in World Café, Pro Action Café and Open Space Technology processes. Currently Ms. Westley serves on the International World Café Stewardship Council At the Chicago Police Department. Ms. Westley coordinated “Bridging the Divide” a restorative policing strategy to authentically engage the community of youth and emerging adults while assigned to the Office of Restorative Justice Strategies.​