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April Doner

Originally from the verdant East Coast town of Grant, Florida, April is an artist and community connector at heart. Her greatest joy is exploring neighborhoods to discover the strengths and good work of people who live there, and sharing these discoveries through her writing and photography and hosting asset-based learning experiences with others.

April graduated from New College of Florida in 2006 with a degree in sociology. Her lifelong attraction to stories of citizen-led change, social justice and the power of community led her to Sarasota-based nonprofit SCOPE, where she spent four years discovering and applying innovative models of change including ABCD and Peter Block's civic engagement work and led SCOPE’s Neighborhood Initiative. From 2010-12, April developed Uprise Art Collective with fellow artists in her community.

She currently practices ABCD as a neighbor in her neighborhood of Gillespie Park, Sarasota, and tells stories of local abundance and transformation through her blog "Signs of Life," This Week in Sarasota and

April also loves to swim, dance, cook, practice Buddhism with her local SGI-USA organization and make art.