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April Doner

​April is a connector and artist whose greatest joy is exploring neighborhoods to discover, connect and celebrate the capacities and productive work of residents. Her practice of Asset-Based Community Development began after college at Sarasota-based nonprofit SCOPE, where she spent four years applying models of change including ABCD and A Small Group. Her work there supporting resident-led neighborhood connection through SCOPE's Neighborhood Initiative was highlighted in John McKnight & Peter Block's book, The Abundant Community. Since 2010, she has deepened her practice of asset-based organizing through the development of Uprise Art Collective, as a connector-neighbor in Sarasota, FL, Grant, FL, and Indianapolis, IN in Clifton street neighborhood and with neighbors, staff and congregants associated with Broadway United Methodist Church. April currently consults, practices, and conducts trainings in Asset-Based Community Development. ​​

April also loves to swim, dance, cook, practice Buddhism with her local SGI-USA organization and make art.

Instagram: ​April Doner (@aprilart_studios)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers