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As a first priority, the Institute has responded to the many calls by community organizations requesting speeches, workshops, and consultations by establishing the ABCD faculty and later, the ABCD fellows. These highly skilled leaders come from foundations, community groups, United Ways, churches, universities, consulting groups and health organizations in the United States and Canada. They have worked with more than 200 organizations, helping them with their asset-based community development projects. Some of the many issues and groups they've worked with include: Healthy Communities, community mapping, welfare reform, youth, people with disabilities, institution/community relations, and families and children. They've addressed church groups, policymakers, community groups, educators, social service providers, hospitals, foundations and leadership groups. ​

photo of the ABCD Faculty


  • Michael Marcus

    Michael Marcus

    • Active Faculty
    • Funders and Philanthropy | Aging | Housing | Diversity and Inclusion
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  • Mike Mather

    Mike Mather

    • Active Faculty
    • Faith Based Organizations
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  • Alison Mathie

    Alison Mathie

  • John McKnight

    John McKnight

    • Founder, Co-Director ABCD Institute
    • Active Faculty
    • Neighborhood and Community Development | Schools and Education | Health
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  • Ruben Medina

    Ruben Medina

    • Active Faculty
    • Local Economic Development | International Development
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  • John Migliaccio

    John Migliaccio

  • Tom Mosgaller

    Tom Mosgaller

    • Emeritus Faculty
    • Neighborhood and Community Development | Youth | Involving Institutions
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