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Steve Kretzmann

For over 15 years Steve has worked for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, where he helps families, communities, and schools break down barriers that keep them from building strong partnerships. The well-being of children cannot be left to paid professionals and clever marketers. In his various roles at DPI, Steve has facilitated discussions throughout Wisconsin about how to restore the wisdom and genuine care of the people within communities to a central role in the raising of healthy children. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Steve moved to Madison in 1981, where he received a PhD from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in United States history, with concentrations in community, educational, and environmental history. His doctoral studies confirmed his belief in the importance of local resources in the creation of strong communities and strong schools. Steve has also taught courses in the history of community development in two Master of Arts programs, first at North Park University and later at Loyola University—Chicago, where he has helped train current and future community leaders to advance social change by recognizing the power of the gifts, talents, and passions of all people. Steve lives in Madison with his partner Deb Wisniewski, who is also an ABCD faculty member. ​