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Michelle Dunscombe

​​Michelle Dunscombe is based in rural Australia and is an enthusiastic community development practitioner, facilitator and trainer. She is passionate about strengthening regional and rural communities particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, to discover possibilities, develop community leadership capacity, build community resilience and support community led projects. She draws on her experience working with local and state governments. a community foundation, the private and the not for profit sectors to inform her work with communities. 

Michelle is a Fairley Fellow, a co-facilitator of the ABCD Asia Pacific Network, and a Country Correspondent for Australia of the International Association for Community Development (IACD) with a wealth of experience working with communities and community organizations.  Michelle utilizes asset based community development methodologies and participatory leadership practices to support community led initiatives. 

Michelle has experience working with disaster affected communities across Australia and internationally, happily sharing her lived and professional experience in disaster preparedness and recovery using ABCD principles and practices.

Contact Michelle Dunscombe via email or phone +61400578662