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Dee Brooks

  • Active Faculty
  • ​New Castle, New South Wales, Australia

Dee Brooks, director of the Jeder Institute, Pathways to Leadership, is a passionate and highly energetic community engagement and development trainer who also provides professional facilitation and keynote addresses for conferences, forums and events.

Based on a decade of grassroots work with the Family Action Centre (FAC) at the University of Newcastle, Dee has trained and presented to thousands of people at hundreds of events and workshops. Dee’s background is in youth work, community research and community development and she is a firm believer in the power of tapping into the collective wisdom of a community to strengthen and build on what's already there.

Dee provides Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) & Facilitating Group Processes training for a range of organizations and government departments and assists with community inclusive strategic planning.

Dee is a founding member and facilitator of the ABCD Asia Pacific Network, an ABCD trainer and consultant, an Art of Hosting trained facilitator, a Flow game host and a DRUMBEAT facilitator.

Dee is an international faculty member of the ABCD Institute based at DePaul University and a steward of the international ABCD in Action Network.

Jody Kretzmann (ABCD Institute) endorsement:
“Dee Brooks is an energizing and welcoming facilitator and an experienced community engagement trainer. Her Australian ABCD examples and stories are constructive and enjoyable, and she obviously practices what she preaches. Her enthusiasm is highly contagious, and her interactive, participatory style assists people in feeling inspired and motivated. Dee encourages people to try new techniques to discover what is useful and relevant. Throughout her workshops she arms people with a range of practical community facilitation tools. One participant, when asked for suggestions for future workshops, simply said, “More of Dee!” I would recommend Dee to any community, service, organization or government department.

Participant quotes:
“I have been in health for over 20 years and this is by far the best workshop I have ever been to! Dee was excellent – well spoken, very specific and gave us the chance to contribute our personal experience to make it relevant to each individual!”
“I’ve been around this industry for quite a while – it was really nice to be part of something refreshing and new.”
“Fantastic, energized presentation! It was much more than I was expecting and I am looking forward to putting it into practice! Thanks!”

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