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Indigo Bishop

​Indigo Bishop, ioby’s Cleveland Action Strategist, is a certified social justice mediator and a graduate of Case Western Reserve University where she studied sociology, anthropology, and social work. She has traveled to Kenya, Ecuador and the Netherlands to study nonprofit organizations, community development, and social policy.

Before coming to ioby, Indigo worked with Neighborhood Connections, a program of the Cleveland Foundation and the nation’s largest grassroots grants program; established to empower and encourage Clevelanders to become more engaged with each other and with the city. In this role Indigo connected active citizens to opportunities and resources, encouraging their creativity, passion, and ingenuity to take action on what they cared about, shaping communities that work for them. She also developed sustainable wealth building initiatives, facilitated dialogue and collective action, and taught both nationally and locally; equipping practitioners across the country with innovative community building techniques.

Indigo is passionate about cross cultural dialogue and creative community building. She’s lived in Cleveland all her life and in her neighborhood for 15 years! In her spare time if she’s not playing volleyball in one of several leagues, then she’s reading, cooking with friends, or hiking with her dog, Gia.​