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Jessica Wyatt

Jessica’s background revolves around building relationships across various institutions and cultures to achieve outcomes aligning with growth and development. Over the years, she’s learned from her experiences ranging from Peace Corps service, to being an adjunct Art History professor, to working full time as a volunteer coordinator (just to name a few), to knowing that empowering leaders and leveraging the skills and interests of participants results in greater success in the organization's growth and allows for buy-in and an increase in interest and participation.

Jessica currently serve as the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) where she oversees the Chapter of Young Alumni and the Student Alumni Association. In addition to her work at UMBC, Jessica is an active member in her community through engagement with her neighborhood association board, community organizing work, and local arts organizations focused on women’s issues and youth development. She also takes great pride in her leadership in the Business Volunteers of Maryland’s GIVE Advisory Committee.

Jessica is married to an amazing bureaucrat and has two terrific cats, Cringer and Ascot