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Rebecca Pauls

Rebecca Pauls is an enthusiastic leader and creative facilitator with a broad range of experiences in community development and collaboration with people who have disabilities. She is passionate about seeing the unique gifts each of person, and is convinced that our communities will be stronger, safer and more resilient when each of us is contributing and recognized for our gifts.

As a mother to four children, Rebecca also has a deep appreciation for the roles that family and friends play in our lives, and is committed to connecting people with other people and places around them.

Rebecca is currently the Director of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN), a Vancouver-based social enterprise that partners with families and people facing social isolation to secure their future by mobilizing relationships and leveraging community assets. Since joining PLAN three years ago, Rebecca has led a complete re-design of programming to integrate principles of person centered planning, ABCD, narrative therapy and independent facilitation. After demonstrating the strength and flexibility of this community approach, Rebecca is regularly invited to consult with organizations about how it can be scaled and applied to population groups across North America.

In a career that’s taken her to communities across Canada and internationally to places such as Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Guatemala, Rebecca has chosen to settle in Vancouver, British Columbia. She and her partner currently reside in the Gastown neighborhood, a community known as a hub of social innovation and for its immense diversity.​ ​