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Andy Gordon

Andrew C. Gordon is a professor in the Evans School of Public Affairs and an adjunct professor of communications at the University of Washington. Previously at the Center for Urban Affairs and in the Departments of Sociology and Psychology at Northwestern University, Gordon specializes in information technology and public policy, evaluation research, the dynamics of urban communities, and institutional record-keeping. He directs the Public Access to Computing Project (PACP) at the Evans School, through which Gordon and his team conducted a multiyear, multidimensional assessment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation U.S. Library Program. Subsequently, he has conducted various assessments for the Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries Program, including their Access to Learning Award (ATLA).

Gordon consults with numerous public and private organizations (including Apple, Microsoft and various foundations) on the appropriate use of new technology. Recent international work related to information technology and public policy through government consultancies (USAID, IDRC) includes projects in Romania, Estonia, Vietnam, Chile, Lithuania and Bangladesh. Relevant books and articles include the following:

- "New Computers Bring New Patrons" (with M. Gordon & E. Moore), Library Journal, February 2001
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- "Understanding the Links between ICT Skills Training and Employability: An Analytical Framework" (with M. Garrido and J. Sullivan), Information Technologies and International Development, forthcoming
- "Infomediaries: Brokers of Public Access" (with R. Ramirez and B. Parthasarathy), IDRC and UW Technology & Social Change, forthcoming) ​