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Leveraging Your Assets to Develop a Successful Aging Community​​​

Join us for a one day workshop introducing the principles of ABCD in the context of aging. 
Tuesday, November 6, 2019 
8:00am - 5:30 pm
Erickson School of Aging Studies, Baltimore, MD
Discussions will be framed around current topics such as Aging Friendly community initiatives, and will enable participants to think deeper about responses to challenges to the growing aging population within communities.
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Free half-hour conversations with special guests on building community, connecting with the people in your neighborhood and creating alternative futures in local economies, education, health care and other domains of community life. No advance registration needed.
August 6 – Mike Butler, Chief of Fire/Police, Longmont, CO, on restorative justice
September 24 – Sarah Arthurs, generative journalist and co-housing resident, on building strong communities
November 19 – John and Peter, on what their thinking is these days on all kinds of issues
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