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Jeder Institute Presents: Our Communities NEED Everyone!!

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May 8, 2017
NSW, Australia
Our communities need everyone, including people who are typically seen as "disabled."  When we find ways for each of us to contribute our gifts and talents, magic happens.... Individuals are seen as contributing members of their communities. Relationships are based on mutual delight, rather than focusing on deficits. And communities grow stronger.
Join Deb as we explore how using an asset-based community development (ABCD) perspective can help individuals with disabilities have real lives in their communities.

Facilitator: Deb Wisniewski, Madison, Wisconsin

Deb is a committed connector who believes that our communities need us all, that we all have gifts and talents to share. She has worked with individuals, their families, and the systems that support people with disabilities to explore how communities can welcome the gifts of all its members. She is a faculty member with the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute  and co-founder of ABCD in Action, our online community with over 2000 members from over 50 countries.

Online/Dial-up Conversations with John McKnight and Peter Block

Deborah Puntenny, Health and Neighborhood Activist

Tuesday, June 6
1 pm Eastern

Deborah Puntenny​ is an ABCD Institute Emeritus Faculty member. Deborah has been a colleague of John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann at the Asset-Based Community Development Institute for 25 years, and has contributed broadly to its community-building research. Her current work in Rochester, New York, focuses on asset-based community development as an approach for addressing the social determinants of health.​ She has also worked with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a consultant on their National Culture of Health project, focusing on how engaged citizens can become effective co-producers of their own health and well-being.​

After the lead-in discussion, John and Peter will open the conversation up for questions and comments from anyone who wants to stay around.
It's easy to listen and participate. If you can’t listen live, the conversation will be archived.

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