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ABCD Imbizo 2018 - 3rd International Conference, South Africa​

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Where: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

When: February 21-23, 2018

What: Following from the Blackpool and Goa ABCD Festivals, the 2018 ABCD gathering of ABCD practitioners, community members, academics, government and business partners will take place in South Africa and will be called an Imbizo (isiZulu word meaning an important gathering of the community). At this Imbizo, the unifying elements of ABCD across the globe will be explored and debated, in plenary and small group sessions, as well as fun, interactive, skills-sharing events.

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The Tamarack Institute

​Kitchener, Canada | April 17-19, 2018

Asset-Based Community Development: For Healthy Neighborhoods is a three-day opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Asset-Based Community Development with a focus on Neighborhood Development and Community Health. Join us in Kitchener, Canada (a short distance from Toronto, Ontario) for a rare opportunity to learn from Cormac Russell and John McKnight, two of the world's top trainers in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), for their first time together in Canada.​

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Online/Dial-up Conversations with John McKnight and Peter Block

Abundant Community

John and Peter host periodic free half-hour conversations with special guests on building community, connecting with the people in your neighborhood and creating alternative futures in local economies, education, health care and other domains of community life.

After the lead-in discussion, John and Peter will open the conversation up for questions and comments from anyone who wants to stay around.

It's easy to listen and participate. If you can’t listen live, the conversation will be archived.

September 12, 1:00pm EST– Sarah van Gelder , YES! Magazine co-founder; founder director PeoplesHub

Who Has the Skills to Build Community? We All Do
Twenty years after founding YES! Magazine, Sarah is starting up a new project: PeoplesHub, an online space where communities can learn and share the skills of making powerful change.
Sarah's most recent book, The Revolution Where You Live, tells the stories she gathered on her 12,000-mile cross-country journey. Everywhere she went, she found people who were re-making America from the ground up, taking on the climate crisis, wealth inequality, and racial exclusion. That journey was the inspiration for PeoplesHub, which is launching in late September. 
Join us as we hear from Sarah about her journey and her vision for PeoplesHub, and then explore ways that this sort of community building can be translated into your own work. 

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