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Capacity Building

Members of the ABCD staff and faculty have engaged in extensive capacity building activities in communities in the United States and around the world. This work often takes the form of working directly with community groups to develop asset-oriented strategies and facilitate local asset-mapping and mobilizing activities. At other times it takes the form of introducing larger agencies and institutions to the concepts and ideas associated with ABCD, and providing the encouragement and support for these entities to transform the ways they work with communities. From thousands of examples, the following help to illustrate the kinds of capacity building activities in which ABCD staff and faculty are involved.

Capacity Building in Communities

  • Faculty members Cormac Russell and John McKnight partnered with Nurture Development, the Futures Academy, and the Dublin Institute of Technology to facilitate a workshop titled Mobilizing Communities; Transforming Cities which explored how local governments can strengthen civil society and promote active citizenship. Grangegorman, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Faculty member Mike Green partnered with the Berkana Institute, an ALIA partner, to offer a three day workshop for the Cherokee Nation towards developing a learning community using Berkana art of change work with ABCD for rural Cherokee communities. Oklahoma.
  • Deborah Puntenney currently works with the Greater Rochester Health Foundation to provide technical support for their Neighborhood Health Status Improvement grants. She is delivering training in asset-based community development to representatives of a broad array of local groups, and working directly with four grantee coalitions to engage local residents in the design and implementation of asset-based projects and activities to improve neighborhood health. Rochester, New York.
  • Jody Kretzmann partnered with the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia on a community development conference that attracted over 300 delegates from 11 Asian countries. On his several Australia visits, Jody has done workshops and consultations with federal and state government departments, dozens of local councils in all six Australian states, and with aboriginal leaders throughout the country. Australia.
  • Faculty member Mike Green has partnered with Authentic Leadership in Action ALIA (formerly Shambhala Institute) for community development work in rural Nova Scotia and in Ontario on integrating ABCD, Art of Hosting, and Shambhala leadership practices. Canada.
  • Faculty member Mike Green partnered with NeighborWorks America and Sierra Health Foundation to facilitate the two-day, Western Regional ABCD into Action training for people seeking to develop more connected, inclusive, and engaged local communities. Sacramento, California.
  • Jody Kretzmann partnered with Coady International Institute to help facilitate a week of discussions by community development leaders from Brazil, Ecuador, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Vietnam, Philippines, India, as well as Canada and the US, describing and analyzing their successful community building efforts and sharing strategies and perspectives. These discussions led to the publication of a volume of case studies, From Clients to Citizens: Communities Changing the Course of their own Development. Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
  • John McKnight partnered with community and government leaders in England, Ireland and Sweden on asset-based community development to local neighborhoods. Europe and UK.
  • Jody Kretzmann consulted with government and community leaders in Denmark and the public health system in England and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority in Ireland.
  • Deborah Puntenney worked with the Grantmaking School of Grand Valley State University of Michigan to develop a curriculum on social change for delivery to grantmaking institutions. Michigan.
  • Jody Kretzmann led workshops and consultations on asset-based community development in Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Africa. These involved NGO leaders, government officials, as well as religious and community leaders. Africa.
  • Deborah Puntenney and John McKnight partnered with Region V of the US Public Health Service on a project titled Mobilizing Local Associations for Health People 2010. They developed and facilitated a citizen-engagement project emphasizing innovative ways of improving the health of local populations; assisted with local implementation; trained stakeholder groups; and helped disseminate the findings among Public Health Service officials. Chicago, Illinois.