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The following webinars held with IMLS Catalyst Grantee teams explore various tools and practices for dynamically catalyzing the assets, talents, and resources within communities with a focus on resident control and leadership.

Asset Mapping for Community Catalyst Agencies
“Asset Mapping for Community Catalyst Agencies: Mapping with Communities”  

with Ron Dwyer-Voss, ABCDI Faculty & Danté DiSabatino, Woodland Park Zoo

Too often, asset mapping becomes a way for institutions to create a picture of local organizational assets and services and to coordinate work among them. This webinar returns to the original purpose of asset mapping: to enable community members to uncover and mobilize local assets  and mobilize them to affect changes based upon what they care about. We explore a model for how agencies can encourage resident ownership of the process or the results and hear a story of how Woodland Zoo supported youth leadership through asset mapping.

 short video by Cormac Russell

Thoughts on how to embark on asset mapping in a way that will lay the groundwork for those creating the map to be those doing the civic work to be done and build strong partnership in community. What are the assets that are local and under the influence of citizens? What are those that have fallen outside the influence of local people? How do organizations enable community members to tap into existing assets in a powerful and growing way?

Logic model
 “Creating & Using Logic Models”  

 with Melissa Browning, ABCDI Faculty

Logic Models are a tool for envisioning, planning, and adapting one’s project. In this webinar, we explore how to create and use logic models when working within communities in a way that centers on community members’ skills, passions, and leadership.

with Dan Duncan, ABCDI Faculty & Senior Consultant, Clear Impact

 Results-based Accountability is the disciplined method of thinking and taking action to help organizations get from talk to action quickly. The driving force from talk to action is the data collected from asking three questions: 1. How much did we do? 2. How well did we do it? 3. Who is better off?

Supporting Resident Leadership

with John McKnight, ABCD Institute co-Founder Lisa Hadden & April Doner, ABCDI Faculty & Tim Vogt, Starfire Council​

 "How can we best walk the line between fulfilling our mission as a service-based organization while also 'leading by stepping back' to effectively spark & support citizen leadership? What does that look like? We will also explore    what  this looks like when supporting the action, inclusion and contributions of  marginalized and vulnerable members of the community.”