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Journey Maps

​​​​​​Journey Maps

Emory Journey Map
Journey maps are illustrations of a group or individual's unique path. They are useful for understanding, documenting, and building cohesion around a group's asset- based community work, which is often full of surprises, discoveries and adaptions. IMLS Catalyst teams have expressed that the journey mapping process provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on their work and gain clarity for moving forward into the next project phase. 
This tool can help you and your collaborators:
  • Document and celebrate your work thus far
  • Illuminate larger patterns and themes 
  • Build a shared story of your learning so far from diverse stories and geographies
  • Gain clarity about your desired path ahead and practices to strengthen for success
Below you will find a User Guide for creating a journey map on your own  along with your community along with several of the journeys of IMLS Catalyst grant recipients and their community: