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Power Ladders


The Resident Power Ladder and the Organizational Partnership Ladder can those seeking to nurture local community-led transformation and resident power by:
  • Creating clarity around the current role of residents and partners in your project(s). 
  • Revealing strategic opportunities for strengthening their role in ways that make sense for your project, organization and community capacities & context. 
  • Surfacing insights and data around how this role has shifted from the beginning of your project.
Below you’ll find an outline of the tool (User Guide) and examples of how IMLS Catalyst teams used power ladders in their projects:


Resident Power Ladder
IMLS Catalyst Team Power Ladders:
Community Catalyst Grantee teams developed these power ladders with the support of ABCDI consultants to visualize where residents and partners held power within their work and discuss ways to increase that power going forward.
WEBINAR: "Creating & Using Logic Models"​with Melissa Browning, ABCD Faculty
In this webinar, we explore how to create and use logic models when working within communities in a way that centers on community members' skills, passions, and leadership.​

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