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Faith-based Resources for Action


Asset-Based Strategies for Faith Communities. by Susan Rans (2002)
Faith Rooted Organizing: Mobilizing the Church by Alexia Salvatierra (2013)
Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places by Mike Mather (2018)​
The Power of Asset mapping: How Congregations can act on its Gifts​ by Luther Snow (2004)
Toxic Charity and Compassion, Justice and the Charitable Life (Rethinking Ministry to the Poor) by Robert Lupton (2012)
Transforming Communities: How People like you are Healing their Neighborhoods by Sandhya Rani Jha (2017)


Urban Short Videos:
#1 Anything Helps? - People often say ‘anything helps,’ but does it really?
#3 Road Trip - If we’re going to get comfortable talking about our differences, we need to talk to people who are different than us​.
- #4 Christians and Immigration​ - The lives of undocumented immigrants are complicated and difficult. As a Christian, it can be hard to know how to acknowledge the legal aspect while loving your neighbor.
Seeking Shalom - 6 Part Video Series with Interactive Platform "Disrupting Traditional Charity" 


Community Development

Breakthrough Urban Ministry - Chicago ( see their 2020 annual report​; wholistic, community focused, listening to the community. 
Metanoia, North Charleston ( 2017 annual report shares 15 years of ABCD as a community development corporation
Episcopal Relief and Development ( under what we do/ABCD, describes how they use ABCD, how implement it, why? and many real stories.

Faith-based Civic Engagement around Issues

Sojourner's e-books: Christian, Muslim and the Common Good; Christians and Feminism, Immigration, Modern Slavery, Environment (     

Asset-Based Community Development for Faith-rooted Organizations


Faith-rooted working group of the ABCD institute is now offering training​​ customized to your faith-rooted setting and its relationship to its neighbors