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Creating Connections for Health Careers

Tomorrow’s health care environment requires a new kind of health professional, one skilled at collaborating with other members of the medical team so that patients and communities benefit from the best each has to offer.

We’ve formed an alliance for health science education that streamlines entry for qualified students into the health professions, strengthens academic programming, deepens opportunities for faculty collaboration, and expands research opportunities for our students. Together, we offer one of the widest arrays of health science programs in the Midwest.

There’s a natural fit between DePaul and Rosalind Franklin. We both have strong reputations, growing enrollment, top-notch science and health facilities, and well-established networks of community partners. We share a history of innovation, revising and expanding programs to respond to the needs of students, employers and society. DePaul’s interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate education dovetails with Rosalind Franklin’s distinctive focus on interprofessional curriculum design.

We have a long-standing commitment to increasing the diversity of students entering the health care professions. DePaul’s established science outreach programs through the Chicago Public Schools help make it one of the top 100 universities in the nation for granting degrees to students of color. Now qualified DePaul students can take advantage of accelerated degree options through Rosalind Franklin’s professional programs, providing a regional solution to the national need for more diverse health professionals.

Finally, we both have a common mission of community service and outreach. Our students and faculty members provide sorely needed assistance at a wide range of community sites while gaining valuable hands-on experience with different populations. Through the alliance, we broaden the pool of community organizations we serve and the range of services we provide, from diabetic foot screenings to strategic business plans. Healthier communities throughout the metropolitan area as well as newly trained health professionals prepared to meet the distinct needs of the populations they serve are the results.

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