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Originally created in the mid-1990s, DePaul's Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network started as an information resource for students seeking a jumpstart in their career development. It became a fully developed program in 2000 and has now grown hundreds of volunteer mentors from varied backgrounds and experience, offering career guidance to our students and alumni. ASK serves all majors and all colleges of DePaul University.​

Why ASK?

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network exists because we believe in the power of learning from those who came before us. Through the generosity of our volunteers, we believe that all DePaul students and alumni can achieve their potential. By asking questions, sharing lessons learned, and bringing together students and alumni, we believe that we can make a difference one person at a time. 

ASK mentors give the gifts of knowledge and encouragement.
ASK mentees give the gifts of connection and allowing others to contribute to their growth.

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