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Terms of Agreement

Student and Alumni Agreement for use of the DePaul University Career Center, Alumni Sharing Knowledge and Office of Student Employment Services

The DePaul University Career Center is committed to complying with the ethical standards of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and expects students and employers to be honest and professional in the internship and job search process.

All students and alumni who choose to participate in Career Center, ASK and Office of Student Employment services must abide by the following agreement. By logging into the Career Center's online systems, Handshake and Campus Job Board, you are indicating that you will adhere to the following standards:

Volunteer Expectations

As an ASK mentor, you are expected to abide by our code of conduct:
  1. Complete and maintain a current mentor profile with ASK, updating contact information and work history when changes occur.
  2. Act with integrity by responding to all correspondence (i.e., telephone calls, email or letters) from staff, students or alumni in a timely manner, ideally within 5 business days.
  3. Maintain a career/academic-focused relationship with student participants, avoiding all situations that could be perceived as unprofessional or improper.
  4. Exercise patience with students or alumni at different developmental or career-related stages.
  5. Communicate honestly but respectfully with students, alumni and staff.
  6. Notify appropriate staff, students or alumni if you are unable to maintain a commitment.
  7. Provide timely feedback to DePaul University staff about the program, participants and my experiences.
  8. Report to the ASK Program Director any misconduct, criminal activity or other concerns that are reported to you by a mentee or that otherwise arise during the course of your participation in the program.
  9. Be proud of being an ASK mentor for helping others in their career development.
  10. Provide accurate and honest information on my profile, resume and job search documents and in my interactions with employers. Examples include but are not limited to GPA, major and student status. Any information provided and all usage of my account will accurately reflect my identity.
  11. Keep ALL interview appointments with employers or notify employers and the Career Center in advance of any emergency requiring me to cancel my commitment. I understand that I must cancel or reschedule interviews in advance. I understand that late cancellations require an apology email or phone call to the employer, and that the Career Center must be copied or notified.

    On-Campus Interviewing Policies

    I understand that if I do not keep my scheduled interview and do not notify the Career Center in advance, I am considered a "no-show." I understand that in the event of a "no-show," I cannot interview or access job openings via Handshake until I meet with the Associate Director of Employer Relations or send an apology email or phone call to the employer on which the Career Center is copied or otherwise notified. I understand that if I "no-show" two times, I will lose my access to Handshake.
  12. Accept interviews with employers in which I have a sincere interest and prepare for each professionally knowing that I represent both myself and DePaul University.
  13. Honor my acceptance of an internship or job offer. Once I accept an offer, I will withdraw from consideration for other opportunities and discontinue my job search. I will advise the Career Center staff of any extenuating circumstances that may cause me to re-evaluate my internship/job acceptance before notifying the employer.
  14. Keep appointments made with the Career Center advising staff and Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) mentors and inform them if I cannot keep my commitment for any reason.
  15. Accept the consequences of losing Career Center and Office of Student Employment privileges if I do not comply with the student agreement. I understand that some violations could result in a breach of the University's Code of Conduct​ and can be referred to the Dean of Student's Office and/or the relevant academic department

​The DePaul University Career Center encourages you to notify the ASK Program Director at (312) 362-8282 or if you perceive any violations of ethical conduct on the part of ASK mentors or mentees. We appreciate you joining us in committing to the highest standards of ethical behavior relating to the mentorship interactions.​​​​