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Specialty Program Policies

Registration Information

Register online, through the app, or in person for classes, phone registrations are not accepted. Payment is accepted via cash, check, or credit card. Registration deadline is three days prior to class start date. Late registrations are not prorated. All full-time DePaul undergraduate students and current members qualify for the member fee; all other individuals are subject to the non-member fee. See below policies for Blue members. Registration is only valid for the specific section. Participants may not attend other classes for which they are not currently registered, even to make up missed classes.

Blue Member Policies

To receive the member rate for specialty programs, the program must take place during blue membership access hours. The non-member rate will be charged for all program registrations outside of blue access hours.

Non-Member Policies

Non-members should pick up a non-member access card for each class in which they are enrolled upon arrival for the first class meeting. They are required to show their class access card at the front desk prior to each class to gain entry into the facility. Non-members failing to show a current class access card may be denied entry into the facility and thus forfeit class attendance and registration fees. If registration is not done in person, non-members should pick up their access card during Membership Services hours prior to the first class.

Non-members must comply with all posted facility policies. Registration for an Instructional Program entitles a non-member to participate in the class in which he/she is registered and use of the equipment and facilities associated with the class during the scheduled class time only. Non-members are permitted to access the facility 15 minutes prior to class start time and are expected to exit the facility 15 minutes after class ends. Class instruction and use of facilities and/or equipment apply to the registrant only.

Children Policies

Children must be supervised at all times.  It is recommended that parents or guardians remain in the facility while their child is participating in a Campus Recreation program. A parent or guardian must remain with their children until the beginning of their class and must be present the moment the class finishes to retrieve their child from the instructor. At no time can a child be left in any part of our facility without adult supervision. If a parent is late in picking up a child at the end of the designated class time, it will result in additional fees charged to the guardian's account.  Parents are not allowed in the studios while classes are taking place. Non-member parents and guardians may wait in the atrium during their child's class time. Parents and siblings may be allowed on the pool deck during Learn to Swim programs with instructor approval. Patrons found in violation of children policies may be denied further entrance to the facility and forfeit class registration.​

Assisted Changing Areas

One assisted change / unisex locker room is located in the hallway from the atrium to the pool and several portable assisted change areas are located on the pool deck. If the assisted change locker room is locked/in use during swim lesson hours, patrons are encouraged to use the pool deck portable areas for "quick-changes."  

Class Appropriateness

Please enroll in the appropriate class based on skill level and age. Ask the instructor if you are unsure of what level is best for you or your child. Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel your class registration, with a pro-rated refund, if you have registered for an inappropriate level.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Campus Recreation has the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. If your class is canceled by Campus Recreation or you withdraw from a class three days before the begin date, you will receive a full refund. If you withdraw from a class 24 hours before the second class meeting, you will receive a refund of 75% the enrollment fee. No refunds are given after the second class unless in the event of a physician-verified illness or injury. Applications for a refund must be done in person at Membership Services.

Interested in Giving a Class as a Gift?

Campus Recreation offers gift cards, available in any denomination, so that you can give the gift of a class! For more information, contact Membership Services at 773-325-4555. ​​