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Specialty Programs

​Specialty Fitness provides you with a chance to take your workout to the next level or just add some variety. These are fee-based classes provide individualized attention, unique challenges, and a community atmosphere. Check out Children's Classes HERE​​ ​

Ready to take your yoga practice to a new level? Take this advanced series of yoga, where you will focus on more advanced poses and flows. Train your balance, flexibility, and strength to get all your goal poses through the instruction of our advanced instructor Emily.

6-week Session
September 25-October 30
Mondays | 11:15am-12:15pm | Studio C

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Take your flexibility training to new heights with aerial stretching. In this 60-minute class, we will be working on increasing our flexibility, and mobility, and learning some aerial basics on the sling. We recommend wearing form-fitted clothing that covers the legs.

Thursdays || 4:30 - 5:30 pm || Studio D

Single Session: 

Student: $6

Member: $12

Non-Member: $15


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Take your fitness to the next level by utilizing this unique apparatus. Gain flexibility, mobility, and strength with the aerial hammock. This is a beginner friendly class! All levels welcome, this class is open to anyone who wants to try a new type of fitness. 

Fall Session
Wednesdays | 3:30-4:30pm | Studio D

Single Session: 

Student: $6

Member: $12

Non-Member: $15


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Liberate and Lift: A 6-Week Intro to Weightlifting Program for BIPOC, Fat Folks, and the Queer Community

Welcome to our 6-week Introduction to Strength Training program, thoughtfully crafted to provide a safe and welcoming space for Black, Indigenous, and other People of the Global Majority. Our program is designed not only to introduce you to strength training but also to celebrate the uniqueness and strength within each participant. This is a safe space for Queer folks and people living in larger bodies!

6-week Program

September 21-October 26
Thursdays | 3:15-4:15pm | Studio B | Ashantis
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Learn the basics of Pickleball and play organized games with others.

Thursdays | October 26 - November 16 | 12-1pm
DePaul Students: $40
Ray Members: $50
Non-members: $60
Ages: 18 and up

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Workshops are designed to teach students to recognize potentially dangerous situations and be aware of their surroundings. We will cover awareness, prevention and risk identification. Classes are both lecture and demonstration. Workshops are open to all DePaul students.

Location: The Ray Room 135

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Tuesday | October 24 | 4-6pm

Monday | October 30 | 6-8pm

*Free for DePaul Students

Women-only Self-defense classes are designed to provide participants with techniques to use in the event of a physical threat. Participants will participate in hands-on, physical demonstrations and practice. All sessions are for limited to ages 18 and older. Classes are currently only open to women. 


Intro Sessions - DPU Students Only

Dates: September 15, 2023
Time: 3:00 PM
Cost: Free
*Registration is required

DePaul Students Only

Dates: September 22 - October 27
Days: Fridays
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Cost: $10 per session
*Registration is required

Open Session

Dates: September 22 - October 27
Day: Fridays
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM
DePaul Students: $10 per session
Ray Members: $15 per session
Non-members: $20 per session
Ages: 18 and up
*Registration is required



This is a 6-week program that focuses on weight lifting techniques and workouts designed for women. Throughout this program, you will be taken through weekly workouts where the goal is to increase your strength, knowledge on lifting, and confidence in the weight room. Each week will focus on a different component of weight lifting, and the benefits of it for women. This is a woman focused program, where you will learn how to design a program based on your anatomy and physiology - and also how to tailor your workouts based on your cycle. This course is led by our amazing instructor Claire Trinkle! This class is not offered during the Summer

Returning Fall 2023

Details to come. 


Are you interested in the development of the mind/body connection while strengthening and toning? Then it's time to to take it to a new level in our Yoga and Pilates classes. Visit our Yoga and Pilates page to find out about course offerings! 
Register at the Ray Membership Services desk, online or through the Ray at DePaul App. Have questions about classes? Contact MaryKate Welch​.