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Specialty Programs

This is your chance to take your workout to the next level or just add some variety. These fee-based classes provide individualized attention, unique challenges, and a community atmosphere. Check out class descriptions and registration dates below or register here!

Fall Quarter Registration is Open!
Fall Classes:

Power Walking Class

Walking is a simple and natural way of moving. With proper technique, you can turn casual walking into power walking. Power walking is a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular endurance and total body strength. Join us on a power walk with us and burn the same amount of calories as running with less stress on your body!

Wednesdays, 12:30 - 1:30 pm
September 11 - October 16 (6 weeks)
Members: $55 / Non-members: $95

H2O Fit

Let's take cross-fit to the water! We will train to the extreme using calisthenics and weight equipment designed for water, running, jumping and emphasizing decreasing stress on the joints. Simplicity, intensity, and that everything is measurable are some of a variety of reasons to why you should give it a try!

Fridays, 9 - 10 am
Session I: September 13 - October 16 (6 weeks)
Session II: October 25 - December 6 (6 weeks) No Class: Nov. 29
Members $55 / NonMembers $95

Olympic Weightlifting Training - All Levels

Looking to learn and/or fine tune your weightlifting technique? Our Weightlifting Training will provide the fundamentals and step-by-step instruction on the snatch and clean and jerk OR help the intermediate to advanced lifter enhance their workout.
Although we aren't offering a fall class, our Personal Trainers​ provides private or buddy sessions that will be tailored to your individual needs. Sign up for this services through Personal Training and in the registration materials, indicate your interest in setting up a training session in Olympic Weightlifting.

Mindfulness Based Stress Relief (MBSR)

Are you looking to support your physical workout with some mental exercise or find more focus within your day? Become mindful, meditate and develop your tools for a life of peaceful existence and ability to find joy. This class is an 8-week exploration of a research-based Mindfulness approach for incorporation into and enhancement of your lifestyle.

Loop Fitness Studio Fitness Classes

Loop Fitness classes are open to current DePaul students, faculty and staff! While you're downtown, take some time during your lunch to move and join us in the new Fitness Studio for low impact fitness classes! With these classes, you have the ability to sign up for 2 days a week, unlimited access to all the classes or drop in as your schedule permits. 

For additional information, contact Danielle Arens

Yoga/Pilates Class Offerings

Are you interested in the development of the mind/body connection while strengthening and toning? Then it's time to to take it to a new level in our Yoga and Pilates classes. Visit our Yoga and Pilates​ page to find out about course offerings! 

Specialized Sports Training (currently basketball and soccer; contact us for other sports)

Do you want to help your young basketball or soccer player elevate their skills? Our specialized sports training provides individualized attention by an experienced coach. Players will run through drills and learn techniques to improve their play. 
We offer individualized training for most sports as well as group training for some. Contact Danielle Arens for details. 

Women on Weights

Level 1 is designed to include lessons on equipment, resistance training methods, and effective fitness goal setting while allowing participants to create and begin their own resistance training program. The majority of the course will take place in the weight room! Beginners and experienced weightlifters welcome!

Level 2 is for women who have learned the basics and foundations of working out and want to dive deeper into workout skills and techniques! Whether you want to learn more advanced exercises, change up your workout plan, or have already participated in Level 1, Level 2 will help empower you to become stronger, more knowledgeable and even more inspired in the gym!

Level 1: Wednesdays, 12 - 1 pm
Session I: September 18 - October 16 (5 weeks)
Session II: October 23 - November 20 (5 weeks)
Level 2: Thursdays, 12 - 1 pm
Session II: October 24 - November 21 (5 weeks)
Students: $50 / Members: $65 / Non-members: $90
Register at the Ray Membership Services desk, online or through the Ray at DePaul App. Have questions about classes? Contact Danielle Arens .