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Specialty Programs

​Specialty Fitness provides you with a chance to take your workout to the next level or just add some variety. These are fee-based classes provide individualized attention, unique challenges, and a community atmosphere. Many of our classes are still paused, but below are a sampling of past classes as well as some current offerings. We will post registration links when these classes are offered again. Check out Children's Classes HERE​

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Are you interested in the development of the mind/body connection while strengthening and toning? Then it's time to to take it to a new level in our Yoga and Pilates classes. Visit our Yoga and Pilates page to find out about course offerings! 
Looking to learn and/or fine tune your weightlifting technique? Our Weightlifting Training will provide the fundamentals and step-by-step instruction on the snatch and clean and jerk OR help the intermediate to advanced lifter enhance their workout.
Personal Trainers provide private or buddy sessions that will be tailored to your individual needs. Sign up for this services through Personal Training and in the registration materials, indicate your interest in setting up a training session in Olympic Weightlifting.

With Coach Todd Smith, you will build an aerobic base and functional strength along with working on your technique in the swim, bike, and run arenas. Workouts will help you get ready for your next or your first ultra, tri, century ride, marathon, swimming event or just stay in top shape.  Push your comfort zone and be rewarded with the camaraderie that comes with suffering with fellow athletes. This class is for any athlete looking for an edge or looking just to maintain fitness.  Racing is not a required but swimming 50 yds straight is. Class will be held in the pool, track, outdoors, and cycle room.  
About Todd: Expansion is at the very root of Todd Smith’s concept of training.  He prefers to work with athletes who are on the continuous hunt for physical and emotional expansion.  The concepts he incorporates into his athletes training include a healthy dose of mobility, ground movement, grounding, cold therapy/immersion, awareness and plyo. By giving athletes this well rounded arsenal of movements and techniques, the athlete becomes an informed and weaponized specimen capable of conquering any endurance event of their choosing.  
Todd's Accolades and Accomplishments
- Overall Age Group Title New York City Triathlon - 2012
- Hawaii Ironman Finisher - 2007
- 1st ever American team to finish the Rockman Swimrun in Norway
- Guided blind triathlete 7x World Champion, Aaron Schiedes, to his 11th USA National Championship
- Created and is current Race Director for The Chicago Swimrun.  The first ever Swimrun hosted in the USA. 
This class has NOT yet returned since the pandemic closure. Check back each quarter to see if we are offering this or new classes.
Let's take cross-fit to the water! We will train to the extreme using calisthenics and weight equipment designed for water, running, jumping and emphasizing decreasing stress on the joints. Simplicity, intensity, and that everything is measurable are some of a variety of reasons to why you should give it a try!
This class has NOT yet returned since the pandemic closure. Check back each quarter to see if we are offering this or new classes. 
Register at the Ray Membership Services desk, online or through the Ray at DePaul App. Have questions about classes? Contact Danielle Arens .