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Group Fitness Schedule

​​​​​​ Click here to access the Group Fitness Schedule and register for classes!

  • ​Online Access: Having trouble accessing the App or Online Portal?  As of April 12, we are switching to a new system. Call or visit Membership Services to troubleshoot your account if the instructions below do not work. 
  • Sign Up for Class: Access our upgraded system by registering your account on our NEW App OR online link:
    • ​Download the App: Apple - "The Ray at DePaul - New"; Android - "The Ray at DePaul University"​ OR Connect to the new Online Portal​

    • The password that is set up in our old system will not transfer, but as you set up your account in the new system, you will be able to change it to the same one. ​

    • Use the name and email address that you have on file with us. If you have trouble accessing with one email, try another one as you may have forgotten which email we have.

    • Once you have set up your account and have a new login and password in either the App or the Online Portal, those credentials will work in the other one to bring up your account. 

    • On your new account, you will easily be able to register for Group Fitness Classes and other programs, reserve a racquetball court, link payment information to your account, change your email address, and more!

    • Questions? Stop by our Membership Services Desk for more information.

To reserve a spot: As of April 12, please bear with us as we switch to a new online system. Our classes are open to drop-ins and we will make every effort to accommodate you. You may still access our registration portal by downloading the new Ray at DePaul App or setting up your account on the Online Portal, both described above.  A unique Campus Recreation (not your Campus Connect) log-in is needed to register your account on the App or Portal. 

If you don't reserve a spot: That's okay!! Come to class anyway. If there are spots available at class time, you are welcome to join. Even classes that look full on the schedule frequently have spots open because not everyone who reserves comes to the class. ​​