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Sam Capobianco


Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise (ACE)


Samuel has been an athlete and played soccer at an elite level for the majority of his life. Throughout his time training with power lifters, physical therapists, and sports-specific trainers, he accrued a framework of knowledge that made getting ACE certified as a Personal Trainer an easy choice. At a younger age, due to numerous recurring injuries, his doctor told him he would have to stop playing soccer because of his scoliosis. Instead of giving up, he decided to push through and train even harder. In this process, he discovered his passion and belief in the transformative power of exercise. He went on to play collegiate soccer for multiple years at one of the best programs in the country. 

Training Philosophy:

Samuel believes in empowering his clients by designing manageable, enjoyable, and varied workout programs. He aims to prioritize the fundamentals of fitness and exercise early on, in order to build a foundation for weight training. At the end of the day, it is his belief that motivation and consistency are the keys to establishing a healthy lifestyle and he aims to support all of his clients in achieving their goals.