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​​Stay Active, Stay Healthy!

As we adjust to the new normal, you may be looking for at-home workouts. Here are some great FREE options!

  • LifeFitnessa variety of bodyweight  "Workouts of the Day" and stretching/relaxation sessions.
  • LesMills: 95 free workouts across 8 different categories.
  • Matrix: downloadable exercise short clips; provides information about proper form, positioning and purpose of each exercise.
  • Desk Stretches: If you're sitting all day (working from home, a faculty member running online classes or a student taking online classes) don't forget to get up and stretch. You'll feel a lot better!

And remember, being active is more important than ever. Exercise to stimulate your immune system, enhance your mood, give you a sense of accomplishment, decrease your stress levels, and keep you strong and fit. 

This can be a difficult time for all of us. But we can get through this together. Health advocates recommend the following for optimal mental and physical health.

  • Maintain a healthy diet and eat regularly (planned snacks are fine, but don't overdo it!)
  • Set up a schedule for yourself and aim to accomplish a couple of goals each day
  • Get enough sleep (it's tempting to fall asleep late in front of the TV, but try to maintain your regular sleep schedule)
  • Exercise!! This doesn't have to be hardcore; just be active:
    • stretch several times each day,
    • use  your own bodyweight or books/household objects for strength training
    • go for a walk or jog** using social distancing guidelines
    • **Please Note: "Illinois Shelter In Place Order" includes the ability to engage in outdoor activity including walking, hiking, running or biking and going to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas, except for playgrounds.

Ask Us

Are you looking for some fitness advice? Contact us at FIND YOUR FIT! 

Exercise Assistants and Personal Trainers will respond to your questions, whether you're at home and don't know where to start to stay active OR you have some free time on your hands and want to take you at-home training to the next level. Our goals are to help you Find Your Fit and Find Your Fun!

Faculty / Staff and Other Desk-Sitters

The Office of Public Relations and Communications would like to share some events to assist in everyone's health and well being. All are welcome! Click on the links below to find out more or​ to join!

The Ray Fitness Facilities, Programs, and Services

When it comes to meeting your fitness needs at The Ray, we'll be here for you as soon as we are able to reopen our doors! Check out links to our facilities, programs and services below and feel free to ask about anything you can't find. We want you to meet your goals, for today and for your future.

Fitness Challenges

Need a challenge to get you motivated? Check out our weekly and monthly challenges. Information is provided at the Fitness Supervisor desk on the second floor. Some challenges are just for fun, to compete with yourself, and to compete with others. Other challenges also include drawings for prizes. Figure out what motivates YOU to do your best!

Group Fitness

Choose from over 65 group fitness classes each week to add fun and variety to your exercise routine. We offer classes that are great for people at all levels, from beginner to life-long exerciser. No registration or fee required, just drop in.

Fitness Services

If you’d like a customized plan, check out Personal Training and nutrition services. Get individualized direction in reaching your health and fitness goals by meeting with one of our personal trainers or private Pilates instructors to learn how to exercise safely, efficiently and effectively so that you feel and look your best. Round out your fitness plan with a nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian to find out how to fuel your body for not only exercise, but for life.