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Fitness Facilities, Programs, and Services

When it comes to meeting your fitness needs, we're here for you! Check out links to our facilities, programs and services below and feel free to ask about anything you can't find. We want you to meet your goals, for today and for your future.

New Equipment and Layout of the Strength Area

Yep, we've got some new stuff. Here's a quick rundown, but if you're missing your favorite piece, Don't Panic! Ask our Fitness Floor Supervisors (FFS) and they'll help you locate it or its replacement and you can get on with your workout. Beginning in September, our Personal Trainers will be leading Equipment Workshops to help you learn to use the new equipment. Until then, don't hesitate to ask a staff member for basic information!

What did we add? 

  • 4 half racks 
  • a new plate loaded hack squat machine,
  • an additional leg press 
  • two new Olympic platforms
  • a HOIST multi-station functional fitness piece
Did we remove anything that isn't replaced by another piece?
  • No - In fact, in most cases, we have added equipment so that you can address the same muscle group in multiple ways.
  • For those of you who liked the "red" selectorized weight equipment, you'll find the "blue" equipment provides a similar workout. AND we added new lateral raise and glute kickback pieces to that line.
  • Just ask a Fitness Floor Supervisor to help you locate replacements!
Wait! What if I want to bench press and all the Olympic benches are being used?
The new half racks can be used for bench pressing. You can wheel a bench over to one of the racks. Ask a Fitness Floor Supervisor if you need help the first time!

Ask Us

If you’re working out on our fitness floor (second floor) and would like to know how to use a piece of equipment, just ask a Fitness Floor Supervisor, employees wearing light blue shirts. If you're interested in more instruction, ask for a FREE Fitness Orientation. During the orientation you'll receive an overview of our cardio and strength equipment and a total body workout. No sign-ups are necessary, just stop by the second floor desk and ask!

Group Fitness

Choose from over 65 group fitness classes each week to add fun and variety to your exercise routine. We offer classes that are great for people at all levels, from beginner to life-long exerciser. No registration or fee required, just drop in.

Fitness Services

If you’d like a customized plan, check out Personal Training and nutrition services. Get individualized direction in reaching your health and fitness goals by meeting with one of our personal trainers or private Pilates instructors to learn how to exercise safely, efficiently and effectively so that you feel and look your best. Round out your fitness plan with a nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian to find out how to fuel your body for not only exercise, but for life.