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​​A healthy life doesn't just require physical activity, it is also dependent on healthy eating.

To determine if you are on the right path, schedule a virtual or in-person meeting with a Certified Nutritionist.  Whether you are looking to boost energy, want to increase mental focus, need new meal ideas, or wondering if you're choosing the right foods for you, a session with one of our Certified Nutritionists can help!

Get started by completing a new client form here. Then stop by The Ray to purchase Nutrition Coaching sessions or a package. You'll be contacted by the Registered Dietician Nutritionist to schedule your initial virtual or in-person session. 
Contact Leanne Kulchawik with any questions.

Nutritional Consultation Packages and Student Workshops

This is a required consultation in order to discuss eating habits, discover healthier choices, set nutrition related goals, as well as measure body composition.

$50 for students/members; $80 for non-members.

This is an additional consultation from your introduction that will provide you a more in-depth understanding of macronutrients, reading food labels and assess progress from introduction consultation.

$45 for students/members; $75 for non-members.

Three additional consultations that are scheduled to provide guidance on meal planning, finding recipes and continuing to monitor your progress.

$135 for students/members; $225 for non-members.

Eight additional consultations that are scheduled to provide consistent check-ins that will keep you focused and on-track to reach your nutrition related goals.

$345 for students/members; $585 for non-members.

These workshops are designed primarily for students but all Ray members are welcome. 

Mindful Eating for Body Nurture
Monday, APril 11; The Ray Room 135
Find your joy of eating and learn why it's important to have a positive relationship with food and your body. This workshop will teach about mindful eating and provide tips on body acceptance. 

For all workshops and classes, register online or on The Ray App - or stop by the Membership Desk during Membership hours.