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Personal Training

​Fitness Packages

Get started with a Personal Trainer at The Ray, outside on DePaul's campus, or virtually. Find packages that include a fitness assessment, personal training session, and nutrition consultation to jump-start your fitness routine. Click here for all available options.​

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Personal Trainers will develop an individualized fitness program and teach you the best way to perform each exercise. This gives you a chance to challenge yourself and get the most out of your workout. Training is available for individuals or groups.

There are many benefits to working with a personal trainer:

  • Maximize your time with effective and efficient workouts.
  • Improve performance for sports or races.
  • Decrease injury risks or recover more quickly with post-rehab training.
  • Add variety to your exercise program to stay motivated.
  • Gain a trusted resource for accurate and individualized fitness information.

About Our Trainers

Our team consists of Lincoln Park's top trainers. They hold nationally recognized certifications and/or university degrees in exercise science. In addition to helping clients improve general health and fitness levels, they have specialty areas that may appeal to clients with specific goals, including weight management (weight loss or healthy weight gain,) sport-specific training, post-rehabilitation, and much more.

To learn more about our trainers, check out their bios.

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A healthy life doesn't just require physical activity, it is also dependent on healthy eating.

To determine if you are on the right path, schedule a meeting (60 minutes) with a Certified Nutritionist. Meetings can be at the Ray or virtual. Whether you are looking to manage your weight or want to ensure you are eating properly for optimal performance, a session with one of our Certified Nutritionists can help!

Your first step is to track what you eat for three days (including at least one weekend day) in a dietary recall log that will be evaluated by a nutritionist. After discussing your goals, you will work with the nutritionist to create an action plan for healthy eating and maximum performance.

Want to get started with a Personal Trainer from home, but don’t know where to purchase quality equipment? DePaul Campus Recreation has partnered with Perform Better to get you the small equipment you need for a great workout.

You will receive 10% off all purchases.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment, please email Danielle Arens for the next steps.

Packages and Fees

Introduction Consultation Single Session
This is a required consultation in order to discuss eating habits, discover healthier choices, set nutrition related goals, as well as measure body composition.
Follow-up Consultation
This is an additional consultation from your introduction that will provide you a more in-depth understanding of macronutrients, reading food labels and assess progress from introduction consultation.
Short term; Three Session Package
Three additional consultations that are scheduled to provide guidance on meal planning, finding recipes and continuing to monitor your progress.
Long Term Consultation; Eight Sessions
Eight additional consultations that are scheduled to provide consistent check-ins that will keep you focused and on-track to reach your nutrition related goals.
Virtual Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes)
Virtually meet with a Certified Nutritionist and discuss eating habits, discover healthier choices and set nutrition related goals.
Members $50; non-member $80.

Nutrition Consultations - 60 Minutes

  Student/Member Non-Member
Intro Session $50 $80
Follow-up consultation $45 $75
Short term; 3 Sessions $135 $225
Long term consultation; 8 sessions $345 $585

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