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Sten Leusink

  • Specialities: weight management, functional training, sport-specific training, high-intensity interval training
  • Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Major: Exercise Science, DePaul University

Sten has been involved in fitness since he was a kid growing up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is a D-1 student-athlete on the men's tennis team at DePaul. His sports experience has exposed him to many professional personal trainers, physical therapists and coaches at institutions including the Dutch tennis federation.

Personal Interests:
In addition to the time he spends playing tennis, Sten is always in for a game of soccer, basketball, or football. He loves to spend time outside at Chicago's beaches and parks. Reading fitness books, watching videos and talking to other health professionals helps keep Sten current on the latest fitness trends!

Training Philosophy:
We all should strive to reach our full potential. In order to reach our dreams and goals, it is important to communicate, work together, educate each other and take on new challenges. Sten's goal is to share his expertise in order to help improve the lives of others.