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Toby Sturges

  • Specialities: Strength, Weight Loss, Functional Training
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  • Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Personal Training Degree - Remington College (Tampa, FL)

B.A. in Sports Management - Florida State University

M.B.A. in Management - DePaul UNiversity


Stemming from a life surrounded by health and fitness, I have a mother who has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years to a father who has coached youth football, baseball, and even Fred McGriff (Former Atlanta Brave and Tampa Bay Devil Ray) how to play golf. I grew up playing baseball, football, and golf as well as dabbled in hockey for a while. While attending Florida State University I played Rugby on the club team and taught my Fraternity brothers the importance of being active.

I moved to Chicago in 2013 and began my training career at LA Fitness where I worked for two and a half years. In 2015 I founded Genesis X Fitness LLC. With my brother and now wife, training clients in River North. While training, I have had the pleasure of working with Collegiate Athletes, Executives, Medical Doctors, and Civil Servants. I have trained clients ranging in age from 12 to 75 as well as all manners of health conditions.

2020 was a year filled with highs and lows, where I received my MBA from DePaul University but also had to close my business due to the Pandemic. While we all have had hard times I believe we will all enjoy bright futures to come and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me.

Personal Interests:

I love all things DISNEY, growing up in Florida and only 45 minutes away I have been there many times. I also grew up watching Disney movies with my grandma which gave me many memories. I also love playing video games, watching movies, country music, and traveling (which I wish I could do more of).

Training Philosophy:

I believe in educating individuals on the body, how it works and what can be accomplished given time. Educating clients leads to long-term adherence and self-efficacy for a lifestyle adoption that can be enjoyed for years. Teamwork is the key to success, where we work together to solve barriers to success, reducing negative tendencies. Through my own limitations and barriers that I have had to overcome with my health, I have the empathy and sympathy to help others lead the best life possible regardless of the starting and ending points of their fitness journey.