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Find Your Fit Winter Fitness Challenge

February 18 - March 15, 2019

Looking for motivation to keep your wellness goals on track? The best way is to develop an active lifestyle that becomes a habit! Join us as you turn your daily activities into weekly goals and qualify for some fun prize drawings.

If you have questions after reading the information below, contact Sarah Hardin

How Do I Register?

1. Create a login with your contact information to be eligible for DePaul Challenges (all contact information is kept confidential).
2. Click on "Find More Challenges" and when you have the option, click on "Find Your Fit Winter Challenge"
3. Click on "Join the Challenge"
4. Submit your name and email address again, and depending if you are a student, faculty, or staff member, your year in school or department name.
5.  There is a pre-Challenge set up so if you want to go on and practice reporting your activities for the week leading up to February 18, go for it!!

How Do I Log Activities and Gain Points?

1. Once you're part of the challenge, click on "Activity" or "Tracker" on the Challenge Dashboard.
2. You will have the option of clicking on a calendar day or inputting a date. Answer the questions about your physical activity for that day.
3. The physical activity you will report for this challenge are split into Tier One and Tier Two activities:
  • Tier One (for 1 point each day) includes those daily activities that you can incorporate into your schedule like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or cycling rather than driving or riding, taking a walk during study break instead of snacking, etc.
  • Tier Two (for 5 points each day) includes 30 minutes of sustained activity that includes cardio, resistance training, or stretching. Examples include running, swimming, Zumba, weight lifting, yoga, attending a group fitness class,or functional training.
  • Your goal is at least 5 days of Tier One activities (5 points) and at least 4 days of Tier Two activities (20 points) for a total of at least 25 points each week.
Of course, the main goal is to help you feel motivated to be active and MOVE! We all need a little help sometimes and the idea is that this challenge helps you to see that involving physical activity into your day isn't that hard and can be FUN!

How Am I Eligible for Prizes?

  • Weekly Prizes: On Monday of each new week, everyone who has completed at least 5 days of Tier One activities and 4 days of Tier Two activities will be entered into a drawing for weekly prizes. We will email winners of weekly drawings from the week before so you can pick your winnings up at The Ray!
  • Each Monday, the weekly totals start over, so if you didn't hit your goal of 25 points the previous week, you get another chance to work on those habits! The final week will only have 5 days to track (March 11-15; so your goal will be 4 days of Tier One and 3 days of Tier Two; a total of 19 points).
  • Prizes for all: Everyone who participates wins the feeling of improving health and well-being, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally!
  • Challenge Prizes: If you met the weekly goals each of the 4 weeks and posted about your progress on social media (#RAYWINTERFIT), you will be eligible for a grand prize! If you weren't able to meet your goal every week, as long as you participated in at least 3 of the weeks and posted about your progress twice on social media (#RAYWINTERFIT), you will be eligible for another drawing of challenge prizes.
  • Prizes will include giftcards from The Bean and local restaurants, free fitness assessments, BootCamp class registration, Athleta giftcards, and the grand prize - a FitBit!

  • Looking for endurance training help?

    We teach participants about form, technique and training schedules in our Endurance Training class. Class meets January-July. 

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