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Faculty/Staff Memberships

​​​​​Due to COVID-19, all faculty/staff payroll memberships were put on hold and will resume in the first pay period of fall quarter. Annual memberships are eligible for extension. Faculty/staff may purchase a summer membership for $50 for the period July 17 - September 10.​

The faculty/staff rate is available to current DePaul University employees, university retirees, sub-contracted employees (minimum of 20 hours per week), Vincentians, and Friends of DePaul. Verifying identification is required. Part-time or adjunct employees may only purchase a quarterly membership for the quarter/semester they are teaching. If a faculty/staff member is enrolled in DePaul University classes, the DePaul issued ID card classification will be used to identify membership eligibility.

Faculty/Staff Membership Rates

Quarterly Annual Single Entry Payroll Deduction
DePaul Faculty/Staff $110 $377 $7 $14.50/paycheck
Spouse or SDA $110 $377 NA NA
Dependent (age 16-22) $110 $377 NA N/A
Full-time faculty/staff have the option of using payroll deduction for their membership fees.

If purchasing a membership by the quarter:
  • Summer quarter ​2020 memberships are available July 17 - September 10 for special rate of $50.
  • Fall quarter 2020 memberships apply September 7, 2020 - January 7, 2021.

Current DePaul faculty/staff may purchase a self-sponsored single entry pass for $7 a visit. A valid DePaul ID must be presented. Member guest policies apply.

Spouse or Unrelated Second Domiciled Adult (SDA)

Spouses or unrelated SDAs of members may purchase a membership at a matching rate (e.g., spouse/SDA of a faculty/staff member would pay $377 for an annual pass). To establish eligibility an affidavit of eligibility must be completed and verifying documentation presented (marriage license, civil union certificate must be shown, or two recent documents showing a current shared address).

Children/Dependents of Members Access ages 15 and under has been Suspended indefinitely.​
Children and/or dependents (age 16-22) of members may purchase a membership at the dependent rate.

When not under COVID-19 restrictions, c​hildren and/or dependents age 15 and under may register to access the facility at no charge. A birth certificate is required for verification. Each child will have their picture taken and will be issued a purple key tag in order to access the facility. Access is limited during the academic year to Monday - Thursday 9 am to 12 pm, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well as all open hours during academic break periods and summer months.

Please refer to children/dependent policies for more information.

Cancellation Policy