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Student Memberships

Full-time undergraduate students have membership fees included in their tuition package. A valid DePaul student ID is required for entrance. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 undergraduate hours to be considered full-time; in the summer eight undergraduate hours (over all sessions) is full-time.

Student Membership Quarter Access Dates
  • Summer quarter memberships are valid Thursday, June 7 through Wednesday, September 12. Spring 2018 grads are eligible for the summer membership rate!
  • Fall quarter 2018 memberships are valid Friday, August 24-Thursday, January 10
Summer  Loop Fitness Center and Studio Access: DePaul students must be enrolled in a minimum of one class to have access to the Loop Fitness Center and Studio.  A summer membership to The Ray does not include Loop Fitness Center and Studio usage.

Law Student Membership Semester Access Dates
  • Summer memberships are valid Thursday, May 10 through Friday, August 24
  • Fall semester 2018 memberships are valid Friday, August 17-Monday, January 21


Student Membership Rates

Quarterly Summer ​Single Entry
Part Time Student (less than 12 hours) $84 $42 $7​
Graduate Student $84 $42 ​$7
Quarterly Student Spouse or SDA $84 $42 ​NA
Dependent (age 16-22) $84 $42 ​NA
Law Student (per semester) $126 $42 ​$7
Law Student Spouse or SDA (per semester) $126 $42 ​NA

Self-sponsored single entry passes are available to part-time, graduate, and law students for $7. A valid DePaul student ID is required for entrance.


Graduate, part-time undergraduate, and law students can purchase a membership each quarter/semester they are enrolled; a DePaul ID is required. Students enrolled in the spring quarter/semester have the option of purchasing a summer membership.

Spouse or Unrelated Second Domiciled Adult (SDA)
Spouses or unrelated SDAs of students may purchase a membership at a matching rate (i.e., spouse/SDA of a student member would pay $84 for a quarterly pass). To establish eligibility an affidavit of eligibility must be completed and verifying documentation presented (i.e. marriage license, civil union certificate must be shown, or two recent documents showing a current shared address).

Students not enrolled for the current quarter may purchase a membership at the voluntary student rate with proof of enrollment for the previous or upcoming quarter.

Children/Dependents of Members
Children and/or dependents (age 16-22) of members can purchase a membership at the dependent rate.

Children and/or dependents aged 15 and under may register to access the facility at no charge. Access is limited during the academic year to Monday - Thursday 9 am to 12 pm, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Children are allowed unlimited access during summers and academic break periods.

Please refer to children/dependent policies for more information.