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Green Steps Walking Challenge

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Congratulations on choosing to participate in the DePaul Green Steps Walking Challenge.

​​Green Steps is a walking program designed to provide structure for DePaul faculty, staff, and students who want to engage in regular physical activity. The program provides an opportunity to improve health, do something positive for the environment, and spend valuable time and friends and colleagues here at the university. Research indicates that exercisers who have a plan and a supportive social network are more likely to stick with physical activity than those who don't.

Involvement in Green Steps helps you:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle through consistent activity
  • Sustain the environment through an "alternative" mode of transportation
  • Build community while walking with friends and colleagues
  • Improve mental focus and creativity through physical activity
  • Apply daily steps to the DePaul Healthy Vincent$ program

Participation in the program is open to current DePaul University faculty, staff, and students, although participants are welcome to recruit others to be walking buddies!

You register as part of a team or as a “Free Agent." If you are a “Free Agent" you will be assigned to a team if you so desire or make the choice to participate as an individual.

You use your own tracking device to track the number of steps taken each day as a measure of lifestyle activity, and record this information on online platform. You will strive for individual goals but also engage in friendly competition as part of a 4 person team.

The ultimate goal is for individuals to develop a routine for physical and social activity that they will continue after the challenge is over. The daily goal of walking steps will vary, depending on each person's abilities at the beginning of the challenge. However, the idea is for each individual to strive to improve over the 6 week challenge! Weekly informational emails will assist participants in setting and pursuing daily step and other activity goals.

The Fall Challenge is completed. Stay tuned for upcoming challenges. 

This year we have two Green Steps Challenges available, Faculty/Staff and Student. 

  • To register for the Faculty/Staff Challenge:  DePaul Faculty/Staff Green Steps Challenge 2020
  • To register for the Student Challenge:  DePaul Student Green Steps Challenge 2020
  • You will be asked for contact information, team name, etc. 
  • It is easier to determine your team name and team participants prior to registration, but you may add to a different team later whether you register under one team name, as an individual or “Free Agent."

You may put together a team with anyone currently working or enrolled at DePaul; they can be here in Chicago or who are working/studying remotely. If you don't have a team or others you know who are interested, you may register as an individual and email asking to be added to a team when one needs additional walkers. This is a great opportunity for bonding time with people you know or a chance to meet new people (even virtually).

  • Teams are not required to go on team walks, so teams can be from anywhere as long as they are current DePaul students, faculty, or staff. The “team" part is that individual steps will be added together for team totals.
  • If you know who you would like to team up with, develop a team name BEFORE you register. Then when you do register, one individual should put in that team name.
  • Once a team name is in the system, it will be available on the pull-down menu of team names and others may choose it.
  • This year we are restricting teams to 4 individuals for competitive purposes, so if you have too many people, split into two teams. You can always reach out to someone new to complete a team.

That's fine! Simply have everyone on your team register with your team by noon September 25. After September 25 at noon, individuals who did not choose a team, but want to be on one (Free Agents) will be assigned to teams.

Yes! We welcome all participants, even those joining after the official kick-off, so participants may join at any time. If you are a faculty/staff member, starting late may make it more difficult to attain the number of weeks of participation required to meet the Healthy Vincent$ qualification and that Campus Recreation will not “pro-rate" any step totals or make any other related concessions.

If a teammate drops out of the program or if they are not participating, your team can continue on the program. You may want to add a new person in order to stay competitive with the numbers of steps. We will be looking at average numbers of steps as well as step totals! Team members should help motivate one another and hold each other accountable so that you have the best likelihood of team success!

It is our understanding that if you are faculty/staff member who wants to qualify for the Healthy Vincent$ wellness program, you must report your participation by Sunday, November 15 on the website linked to the DePaul University Human Resources.

Absolutely! Get credit for all the healthy movement or activity you do by converting it to steps. Use this Step Conversion Chart to calculate your steps.


After you review the information, grab some colleagues, register, and get ready to make an impact on your health, your environment, and your campus community! If you still have questions after reading about the program, feel free to contact Leanne Surmin, Assistant Director Campus Recreation at