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Club Resources

Club Member Registration

All club sport members must:
  • Create a profile for their DeHub account, including a valid e-mail address.*
  • Fill out the participation waiver
  • Meet the requirements outlined in their club’s constitution, which is available on their club’s DeHub page.
  • Meet the requirements of their sport’s governing body or league when participating in competition.
Clubs that travel will have additional requirements; info can be found on the website Club Resource travel section
Contact the Assistant Director of Club Sports, Ricky Scott if you have any questions.
*Required of all club members; you must join the Club Sports group on DeHub to gain access to the Participation Waiver

Participation Waiver
Participation Requirements

Space Requests

Tabling at The Ray:
  • E-mail Ricky Scott
  • Please include exact dates and times you’d like to table.
One-time Use Studios, Classrooms, and Courts in the Ray
One-time Use (or a Series of Dates)
  • E-mail Ricky Scott
  • Please specify the date, time, and space you’d like to reserve.
  • If possible, please provide more details. Are you having a meeting? How many participants will there be? Are you flexible on dates or times? If the space is unavailable but Ricky has more information, he’ll look for other options.
One-time Wish Field
One-time Use (or a Series of Dates)
  • E-mail Ricky Scott
  • Space at Wish Field is extremely limited and is also dependent on Sport Supervisor availability. Give as much notice as possible when requesting Wish Field so Ricky can check availability of both space and staff.
Please eithe:r:
  • Specify the date, time, and space you’d like to reserve, OR
  • Send Ricky information about the event (scrimmage, match, game) you’d like to have (i.e. duration of event, spectators, etc.) and he’ll send you potential dates.


Tier 5 and Contingency Funding Requests

  • Due Monday, January 6 and Monday, April 6 at 5 pm
  • To submit a request, write a letter to the Club Sport Allocation board explaining what the club is requesting and why funding for that item is important to the club. Attach any relevant documentation, such as quotes or screenshots documenting the exact cost. For Contingency Funding, also include explaining of how this was an unexpected cost for your club.

Annual Tier Presentations

  • Presentations for the 2019-2020 academic year will be Friday May 3 and Friday May 10.
  • In mid-April, clubs will be sent a link to sign up for a presentation.
  • Clubs wishing to be in Tiers 1, 2, 3, or 4 must present to the board.
  • Optional training on what and how to present will be available in April.

Use of Funding:


Required of all club sport  traveling members
Driver Certification Information
Car Rental
Travel Roster and Itinerary Submission (must be completed at least one week prior to the first date of travel)
Drivers Certification Form


Club Sports Awards- Coming Soon!