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Club Sports

Welcome to all DePaul students. Club Sports are student-run organizations that provide an opportunity for students with common interests to participate and compete in a variety of activities. Students build their skills in competition and community building while participating in instructional or performance-based activities that promote physical activity.

Competition for teams and gatherings for dance and other groups may be paused right now due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean that you can't connect with others who are passionate about the same sport or activity that you are. Take a look at our club sports offerings and get in contact with leaders soon to set yourself up for some virtual interaction and fun this year!

DePaul University offers over 30 different club sports. Clubs are open to current DePaul University students of any skill level and offer the opportunity to learn an activity or compete with other colleges throughout the state, region, and country.

It's easy to get involved! Choose any club sport from our directory, and contact the club or stop by a practice. Another option is to stop by the Club Sports Office in the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center. Contact the Assistant Director - Club Sports for more information.

Before you can participate in a club sport you need to complete a waiver.