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Ritmo Dembow Dance

Ritmo Dembow is first and only Modern Latin Dance Group at DePaul University. Our mission is to spread cultural awareness through the rhythm of our steps to the DePaul community. Regardless of where you go, dance is an expression everyone can relate to and understand; nonetheless, we hope to attract others to learn the dances which we embrace.

The reason we have been successful in the past years is the team chemistry and family we build along the way. This is not simply a dance group, but a journey that we all go through together. We strive to fulfill this mission through artistic outlets such as dance and invite others to do so as well!

Ritmo Dembow's mission is to spread Latin
Dance through the DePaul community with the art of dance. Ritmo Dembow focuses on Modern Latin dance and building relationships with other cultural dance groups to not only promote Latino traditions, but to promote unity among the different cultures present in our community.

Contact information:
Instagram: ritmodembow