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The Lab: Breakdancing

The Lab provides a safe and friendly atmosphere for people interested in Hip Hop culture at DePaul University. We get together to express creativity, to learn, and display our talents in the most appropriate circumstances.

Factors that triggered the idea for creating such a group at DePaul University include: (1) Lack of available facilities to interact or express creativity through various Hip Hop related practices (e.g. dancing, rapping), (2) Underrepresentation of recreational/entertainment domains in the Hip Hop culture (demonstrations, showcases, performances), (3) Increased interest in the Hip Hop culture among the population and (4) The promotion of REAL HIP HOP!

The Lab is inclusive to ANYONE and EVERYONE regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or creed. The primary purpose is to challenge, stimulate, and foster the creative minds and characters of the DePaul community. No prior knowledge of the Hip Hop culture is required just as long as participants come with an open mind.

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