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Intramural Sports

​It's Spring! Indoor or Outdoor (or both), we're ready to go. Check out our Spring Quarter Sports Schedule below. 

 All Intramurals Sports are FREE - No payment is required. Register in IM Leagues to sign up for individual sports or set up your team.

Want to play but don't have a team?  When you sign up for the sport you can choose to join as a free agent. You will then be put on a team with other free agents. 

If you have any questions please reach out to DeJon Tinsey​.

Spring Sports:  Registration Dates on IM LEAGUES March 28 - April 7; Play for most sports begins April 11

  • Indoor Team Sports: 5 v 5 Basketball  /   4 v 4 Volleyball  
  • Indoor Racket Sports:  Friday Badminton  /  Racquetball Singles and Doubles  / Table Tennis Singles and Doubles. 
  • Outdoor Sports: 5 v 5 Soccer  /  4 v 4 Flag Football  /  7 v 7 Softball

  • To register, go to
  • DePaul Intramurals are FREE - do not click on anything in IM Leagues that requires payment!

It's time to hit the courts when winter arrives. Join us for these and other activities in January!

Winter Activities

Special Events:

Friday Fun Day: Friday, January 14 AND January 2, 12 - 4 pm; It's a Free for all - join us for Drop-In 3-Point Shootout, Dodgeball, Badminton, and More.... No Pre-Registration Required

Recreational Sports Day Big Pink Tourney: Tuesday, February 22. See details above.

Leagues (sign up as a team OR as a Free Agent for team sports)

  • Basketball: Registration January 3 - January 20
  • Indoor Soccer: Registration January 3 - January 20
  • Volleyball: Registration January 3 - January 20
  • Badminton (Sgls/Dbls): Registration January 3 - January 20
  • Dodgeball: Registration January 3 - January 20
  • Table Tennis (Sgls/Dbls): Registration by February 28; Get contact names to play matches.
  • Racquetball (Sgls/Dbls): Registration by February 28; Get contact names to play matches. 

To register and get the most up to date offering list, please visit Questions? Contact DeJon Tinsey.