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Our pool is currently open for lap swimming under the following guidelines to assure adherence to IDPH and Chicago guidelines and to provide for the safety of our patrons and staff. We appreciate your patience and understanding through these changes to our "normal" facility policies:

  • Limit of 1 person per lane; lap swimming/workout only; not for recreational use.
  • Lanes must be reserved prior to use online or through Ray App.  For information on reserving, please refer to our Reopening Information.
  • Our towel service is not available at this time. We ask patrons to please bring your own towel.
  • All lane reservations begin at the top of each hour and last 45 minutes, at which time we will need to close the pool for cleaning.
  • We request patrons take soap showers prior to pool use.
  • Masks are required until you arrive at your lane. Masks will continue to be required in the pool if your activity involves your face being out of the water (e.g. water aerobics, jogging, walking, etc...). Personal items may be stored at your lane along the wall.
  • Entry to lanes 1, 3, and 5 will be at the east side of the pool. Entry to lanes 2, 4, and 6 will be at the west side of the pool. If you would like to utilize the stairs, the lifeguard on duty will be able to assist you.

Our 25-yard, six-lane pool is located on the first floor of The Ray. Enter through the south end of the locker rooms. An aquatic lift is available for swimmers who need additional assistance accessing the pool.​

Learn to swim at The Ray! View the swim lessons schedule.​

Already know how to swim? Jump into the pool for lap swimming: it's a great low-impact, cardio conditioning workout.

How many lengths do I need to swim to complete a mile?
70.4 lengths of the pool (35.2 laps) is one mile. The Ray pool is 25 yards long, a mile is 5280 feet/1760 yards.

Frequent visitor?
Sign up for the Frequent Swimmers list to receive emails about what’s happening in the pool. Emails are sent for pool closures when necessary. Sign-up sheets are in both locker rooms; leave your name and email address to get added to the list! Contact John Washo if you have any other questions.

Pool Hours

The pool is open for lap swimming during all pool hours​. Peak pool usage is Saturday, 8 am-12 pm. ​