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​​We are no longer accepting applications for Winter Break/Winter Quarter. ​ Our next hiring session will be​ ​May 2024. 

How to Apply

Applications are available on the Office of Student Employment job board. Available positions will be listed under Campus Recreation.  For more information about the various positions, check out our job description under Campus Recreation, or attend a Ray Employment Information Session the quarter before you hope to start working.

Employment Information Sessions

Employment Information Sessions are not mandatory but highly encouraged for those applying to entry-level student positions with Campus Recreation. If you attend the Employment Information Session, then we will guarantee that your resume and cover letter will be pulled for all of the positions you applied for. The 45-minute meeting will detail Campus Recreation's hiring procedures, available positions, and provide you with insider hints and tips for your application.

The department holds about 3 main hiring sessions a year:

  • Late July/Early August for Fall Quarter
  • October for Winter Break/Quarter
  • April/May for Spring/Summer

Upcoming Employment Information Sessions

  • Tuesday, October 17, 9 - 10 am, The Ray Room 135
  • Wednesday, October 18, 5 - 6 pm, The Ray Room 135
  • Friday, October 20, 11 - 12 pm, The Ray Room 312​​

​What are the benefits of becoming a member of The Ray Team?

As a member of the Ray Team, you will benefit from the following: flexible scheduling, development of career skills (time management, conflict resolution, communication, customer service, leadership, and delegation), opportunities for advancement, a professional and supportive work environment, and opportunities to attend local to national professional development conferences—all in a social and exciting atmosphere. You get PAID too!