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Courts Policies

Drop-In Activities

What do you play at the Ray? During the following times, a play area will be set up for specified sport activities that will take priority over other uses. 

January 2-March 26

  • Volleyball: 
    • Tuesday/Thursday 1-3 pm; Saturday 7:30-10 pm; Gymnasium Court 3 or 4
  • Badminton: 
    • Wednesday 1-3 pm; Friday 7 - 10 pm; Gymnasium Court 4
  • Indoor Soccer: 
    • Monday 12:30-3 pm, Wednesday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm; Gymnasium Court 4 
  • Wallyball: 
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3-5 pm; Tuesday/Thursday 6-8 pm; Racquetball Court 3
  • Basketball: 
    • One gymnasium court available for drop-in play during all facility hours.

These activity areas will be first-come, first-served regarding the activity that will receive preference. For the gymnasium or racquetball courts, if other groups are waiting, use is limited to an hour for each group. Schedule is subject to change based on availability.

In addition, if there are no special programs on the courts and a group of six or more arrive to play one of these alternative activities, the Facility Staff may designate one court for that alternative activity.

*Requests for volleyball, badminton, or soccer equipment set-up during alternate times will be accommodated when possible. Make request of Entrance Attendant when checking in. The Building Manager will be notified to assess the request.

Gymnasium Policies

  • The gymnasium is primarily intended for basketball, volleyball and badminton. Other activities are permissible if considered safe and appropriate as determined by the Campus Recreation staff.
  • Baseball and softball related activities are not permitted on the courts.
  • Courts are prioritized for informal recreation, intramural sports and club sports.
  • A minimum of one court is always available for informal recreation.
  • Shirts and athletic, non-marking shoes that cover and support the entire foot are required.
  • Basketball games are played to 15 points (scoring ones and twos); winning teams may remain on the court.
  • Hanging on nets or rims is prohibited.
  • Keep courts clear of bags and clothing. Lockers and cubbies are available on the third floor free of charge.
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the courts except water in closed plastic containers
  • Only personal trainers and instructors approved by the Campus Recreation professional staff are allowed to provide services in the facility.
  • Use of the facility for commercial gain (such as to conduct private instruction or training of others) is prohibited.
  • For your safety and security, this area is under video surveillance.

Racquetball Court Policies

  • Eye guards are recommended.
  • Closed toe, non-marking athletic shoes are required.
  • Reservations may be made 48 hours in advance via phone (773/325-4560), in person at equipment issue or online.
  • Only one court may be reserved per person per day.
  • Reservations are limited to one hour.
  • Reservations are held for a maximum of ten minutes.
  • Patrons who have reserved the court may check out a wallyball set and ask for assistance in putting up a wallyball net on the court.
  • If a court is not in use for racquetball, the following policies apply: 1) Use for group dance or exercise is limited to three individuals; use by more than three requires a formal rental (check Facility Rental page for application). 2) Use of fitness or exercise instruction external to Ray programs, including the use of computer-aided or DVD-aided instruction, is restricted to no more than three individuals, including an instructor. 
  • Court 3 is reserved for Wallyball Drop-In Use Monday/Wednesday 2:30 - 5 pm; Tuesday 7- 9:30 pm; Friday 2:30-5 pm.
  • During Spring Quarter a netted golf driving range will be set up on court 3 on Thursday from 8:30-11:30 pm and Friday from 5:30 am - 1:00 pm. This is for drop-in use. Used clubs will be provided but patrons may bring their own.​