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Locker Room Policies

  • Daily lockers may not be used to store items overnight. Personal locks will be cut off and discarded and items will be confiscated.
  • Locker service is provided with DePaul ID, key tag or filling out a locker checkout form.
  • If the key is lost, the replacement fee is $10. This fee must be paid prior to receipt of confiscated items.
  • All contents removed from daily lockers and rented lockers will be held for 30 days; unclaimed items will be given to charity.
  • Rental lockers are available; inquire at the membership desk.
  • All lockers must be renewed by the end of each quarter or they will be cleaned out and re-issued. Items cleared from expired lockers will be kept for 30 days; unclaimed items will be given to charity.
  • Towel service is provided to all members.  Shower towels are available at Equipment Issue; fitness towels are available at the Fitness Supervisor station on the second floor. Used towels are to be returned to designated towel bins.
  • Usage of cell phones in the locker rooms or bathrooms is strictly prohibited.

Locker Room Access for Children/Dependents

  • Children three years of age or younger may enter the locker room of the opposite gender.
  • Children age four or older are not allowed in the locker room of the opposite gender; the assisted change/unisex locker room is available.
  • Children age seven or older may enter the appropriate locker room without adult supervision.