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Find Your Fit

​​As we figure out the new normal through stay-at-home and distancing measures, we want to help you stay active and Find Your Fit!! Here are some options for you to figure out a way to have fun, be active, and help you to keep both your mind and body feeling good!​

Not sure what to do or where to start? Are you "sheltering in place" and want some workout advice? Just ask us - we're here for you!

Email our Exercise Assistants at and you will hear back from our Exercise Assistants with some advice or to set up a virtual meeting

The Find Your Fit program was created to help promote and engage The DePaul Campus Community in health, wellness, and physical fitness. We believe that a moving campus is a healthier campus!

Each week our fitness staff delivers a new Fitness Challenge to get you ready to go for the week. Complete the weekly challenge, post a selfie to Campus Recreation's Instagram, and get your name in a drawing for some fun prizes!


Of course, the REAL prize is that you feel a sense of accomplishment and are ready to tackle all the challenges that are facing you

Check out Nutrition Tips and recipes with new ones every Tuesday on Instagram (@depaulcampusrec) or get some ideas on eating healthy from our Registered Dietition on YouTube (coming soon!)

A new exercise / workout video is posted every Wednesday on the Campus Recreation Instagram - take a look @depaulcampusrec for our whole library of hundreds of past exercises and workouts saved from previous weeks.

Take some time out of your day to de-stress. Check out links for meditation and relaxation on our Fitness page. We have links to hundreds of stretching, yoga, and meditative / relaxation routines. Also, check out @depaulcampusrec on Instagram for new motivational thoughts on Thursdays.

Tune in as the Campus Recreation Fitness Directors take you through a live 30 minute workout on Fridays! Classes will vary from week to week and all levels are welcome. If you have a question or a request for a specific type of workout you would like to see, send it to

We welcome student, faculty, staff and the community join on DePaul Campus Rec's Instagram Live every Friday Noon to 12:30 pm. To join us, follow @depaulcampusrec on Instagram for the Instagram Live Workout!!


About the Find Your Fit ​Program

The FIND YOUR FIT program has been developed under the umbrella of the American College of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) initiative Exercise is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC). Exercise is Medicine believes that with the help of physical activity, optimal health is achievable and will help with the prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Universities across the United States have partnered up with the initiative to help campuses build communities with a strong love for health and fitness.

When you get back to campus, we can actually visit with you in person and help with the following:

  • Equipment orientation
    • Demonstrations of proper form while using equipment (e.g, weight machines, medicine balls, TRX, barbells, etc)
  • An exercise buddy
    • Ask us to workout with you for emotional support! (e.g take a group exercise class, run through beginner level exercises)
  • Assistance with particular exercises
    • Creating beginner level circuits
    • Discuss the importance and differences of particular types of physical fitness (e.g, cardiorespiratory endurance, strength training, flexibility training)
  • Fitness Measurements
    • Evaluate your current fitness level through assessments and testing (e.g, skinfold and circumference measurements and cardiovascular fitness testing)

Our Exercise Assistants are current students pursuing their Bachelors degree in Exercise Science, Health Sciences and Physical Education. Their responses are guided by certified Personal Trainers.​