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Green Steps Walking Challenge

What is Green Steps?
A six-week walking challenge program for DePaul faculty and staff who want to engage in regular physical activity and have some fun in the process! 
  • This challenge takes place every fall and is a great way to enjoy a little physical activity! New dates will be posted at the end of July for the upcoming fall challenge. 
  • Registration:  Individuals and teams may register now and through the first week of the challenge!
Green Steps can help you:
  • Lead a healthy life through consistent activity
  • Sustain the environment through an "alternative" mode of transportation
  • Build community while walking with friends and colleagues
  • Improve mental focus and creativity through physical activity
  • Apply daily steps to the DePaul Healthy Vincent$ program
Check out the information below and for further questions, contact Sarah Hardin, Associate Director Campus Recreation.
Current DePaul faculty and staff members.
Register a team or as a free agent to be assigned to a team or participate as an individual. Use a pedometer or other tracking device to track your steps and record this information on an online platform. You will strive for individual goals but also engage in friendly team competition.
To help individuals develop a lasting routine for physical and social activity. The daily goal will vary, depending your starting ability. We want to see everyone improve over the 8 week challenge! Weekly emails will assist participants in setting and pursuing daily step and other activity goals.
Register Here through Thursday September 12:
  • Register first as part of DePaul, then join the DePaul Green Steps Challenge 2019
  • If you were registered last year, the 2018 challenge may show up on your dashboard; click "Find More Challenges" in the bottom left large green box.
  • If you were registered last year and forgot your password, click "Forgot My Password" and you will be sent a link to change your password.
  • Once you click “join,” you will be asked again for your contact information as well as team preferences. You may create a team, join a team of your colleagues, or join as an individual.
  • It is easier to determine your team name and team participants prior to registration, but you may modify and add to a different team later even if you register as an individual.
  • If you don't have enough people, but want more, have everyone on your team register with your team. If you are a Free Agent who wants to be asssigned to a team, email and tell us and we will assign you to a team.
Please note: Accessing the challenge platform through Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome usually results in better outcomes than using Internet Explorer.
You may put together a team with friends or colleagues from your own or other areas on campus or you may register as an individual or "Free Agent."
  • Team members can come from anywhere within DePaul. The “team” part is that individual steps will be added together for team totals.
  • If you know who you want on your team, develop a team name BEFORE you register.
  • Once a team name is in the system, it will be available on the pull-down menu of team names and others may join your team if it is not full.
  • Teams are limited to four people, so if you have too many people, split into two teams. Reach out to someone new or in a different department to complete a team or wait for a free agent.
If you have a team member drop out, you can add a new person if you want your team to be competitive, but if you can’t find someone else, just keep walking! We will look at average number of steps and step totals.
Many use various devices such as free phone apps, Apple Watches, FitBits to count their steps. But if you need a pedometer to count yours, we do have a limited number available. Registered "Greensteppers" may step on over to the Ray Meyer Fitness & Recreation Center weekdays 9 am - 7 pm to pick one up! If you do not work on the Lincoln Park campus, email us at the contact email below and we will put one in campus mail for you.
No! Many people have tracking available on their phones or some other device. Use any device as long as you can see a total of steps taken at the end of the day. Our system does not link to any devices so you will have to log steps manually into the online application. Campus Recreation will not be checking, calibrating, or otherwise monitoring pedometers; reporting is on the honor system.
You must report your participation by Wednesday, October 30 according to the directions on the DePaul University Human Resources website.